HCY Disposable Virus Transport Media Was Approved By FDA 510K

Recently, the disposable virus transport media developed and produced by Huachenyang has obtained the FDA 510K certification in the United States for its excellent preservation performance and high product stability. After the CE, TGA, EUA, MDEL, MHRA, and ISO13485:2016 certifications, Huachenyang has obtained the FDA 510K certification, which is a highly prestigious international certification.Huachenyang is brave enough to break the monopoly of peer brands and the market and to keep pace with the big brands in the field of in vitro diagnostic sampling in terms of qualification and technology.

FDA 510K

Huachenyang Disposable Virus Transport Media Tube

  • Huachenyang single-use virus transport medium of the tube body texture is PP (polypropylene), which can withstand -197 ℃. Low temperature does not break, and high pressure at 125 ℃ high temperature does not deform.
  • The cap is made of PE (high-density polyethylene), which ensures a close combination with the tube’s body. The flare design inside the cap solves the phenomenon of liquid leakage during transportation.
  • Independent packaging, easy to use.
  • The source manufacturers, the stock is sent in seconds.

 virus transport media

5ml/10ml Viral Transport Medium Tube

Huachenyang disposable virus transport media 

Huachenyang disposable virus transport media and sampling swabs constitute a component suitable for the collection and transfer preservation of clinical COVID-19 virus, influenza, avian influenza, hand, foot, and mouth disease, measles, and other virus samples. Virus transport media tubes with different transport media can constitute different types of sample collection and transport components, which can be applied in a variety of scenarios.

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