TRUTH By Dr. Faith Launches Their Natural, Medical Grade, Luxury Skincare Line To Pamper Skin Around The Globe

Whatever the skincare concern is, TRUTH by Dr. Faith has it covered with their full line of luxury products. Retired surgeon, Dr. Faith, has developed the ultimate skincare brand to fit any lifestyle and skin needs.

When investing in skincare, there are several key things to look for. Quality is incredibly important, as are results and a company that knows what they’re doing. Finding a skincare brand that combines all of these things is ideal for purchasing skincare. 

TRUTH by Dr. Faith was founded and developed by an expert. Their proven results speak for themselves as they address numerous skin concerns with their full line of luxury products. From anti-aging to acne to hyperpigmentation, they have options for everyone.

Dr. Faith

Dr. Faith Robertson is a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with a passion for effective skincare. In her life, she’s personally experienced skin troubles and wanted to develop a product to help her and others have better skin.

As a professional esthetician, she’s very familiar with what skincare products do and don’t work as well as what ingredients are effective. She’s dedicated to making sure her products are safe and made with natural ingredients while providing stunning and lasting results. 

The TRUTH by Dr. Faith Skincare Line

This female and black-owned, luxury skincare brand has products that can address any skincare concern. Their line is divided into four collections for four major concerns to make it easy to find what one is looking for. 

The extremely popular anti-aging Youthful Essence line is packed with effective products and ranges from cleansers to serums to build the ideal daily routine. Sleek, matching packaging and natural ingredients like vitamin C and pumpkin that are proven to nourish and heal the skin make up this line.

Acne Control contains cleansers and treatments that are ideal for acne and blemish-prone skin. From an acne control mask made with natural ingredient mint to an oil-free moisturizer, this line helps prevent and treat acne from start to finish. 

Their Sun Protection line has two sunscreen options to prevent aging, dryness, and more caused by sun damage. Their SPF 40 both protects, and hydrates the skin and their SPF 45 has a higher level of protection for more damage-prone skin. 

The Skin-lightening line consists of a botanical skin-lightening serum that helps with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. 

All products have matching, elegant packaging and leave your skin looking and feeling great with regular, consistent use. 


Dr. Faith is a highly experienced skin and beauty professional with a passion for providing effective skincare with naturally derived ingredients. If one isn’t sure what to get, they offer a quick, 30-second quiz to determine what products are best based on skin type and areas of concern. 

The medical grade products are highly effective with regular use, providing the desired results. Dr. Faith has created a top-of-the-line luxury brand with products that truly work and leave skin looking and feeling great every single day. 

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