Marti Angel Bringing the Power to Mujer-Preneurs/ Female Entrepreneurs

Marti Angel known as the “Latina Biz Coach” is a Latina podcaster, international best-selling author, public speaker, and micro biz coach. Marti is on a mission to leave a legacy of Latina Leaders behind her.

Bilingual, Latina and BIPOC entrepreneurs across the globe are fighting the good fight, bolstering the communities that support them and bringing value to their clients and customers. However, many are struggling to keep up with market fluctuations, inflation, and the slowly decaying global economy. 

Marti Angel, former business professor, Mujer-preneur, micro biz coach, author, and speaker came to the scene to empower her fellow Mujer-preneurs with digital courses, and premium coaching services, and support Latina & Bilingual Mujer-Preneurs with tips and tools needed to move their business’ to the next level. 

As a Latina Leader in San Diego, Marti spent years in the formal education and business space, refining her skills and polishing her talents to shine. As a top10% earner in her NWM company and the shadow behind numerous 6-figure female earners, Marti’s mission to empower Latinas is ongoing. 

This Latina business leader is on a mission to help Mujer-preneurs to rock thier biz with tips, inspiring ideas, objective evaluation, and coaching secrets only the most successful Mujer-Preneurs are privy to. According to Marti, confidence, the unbridled desire to succeed, and clarity of vision are some of the most important prerequisites to being a successful Mujer-preneur, imparting the following: 

“I help you, gain clarity on who you serve so you can uplevel from brick and mortar to click and order to rock your six figure biz!” Together, we will work on your values, mission, and vision to create a Mujer De Exito. The only one holding you back is you; so if you are ready to coach up I am here for you” said Marti Angel. 

Digital business courses are Marti’s specialty. She has created numerous training courses featuring hours of highly educational business content, such as “5 Day Challenge Video Training”, “Social Media 101”, and many others. With her courses and coaching, Marti is bringing el poder to Mujer-preneurs, teaching them how to rock their 6 figure biz so they can live their best life in record time. 

As a former college professor Marti created the course “Rock Your Biz Academy” and it is the most popular and widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive self-study courses, it has helped innumerable Mujer-preneurs reach the next level in their business. 

Marti’s podcast “Mujer De Exito, Unbounded” is trending strongly on Apple Podcasts and various other streaming platforms. With it, Marti has been able to connect with thousands of Mujer-preneurs, interviewing them and teaching tips to uplevel to 6 figures by reframing their mindset, and acquiring the skills necessary to rock their biz in a short time. 

More information about Marti AngelTM is available on her official website.

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