Go Party Games Releases New ‘Santa Escape Room DIY Kit’ Game in Time for Christmas 2022

Go Party Games are known for their highly interactive and fun games for children and families. They have now released the new ‘Santa Escape Room DIY Kit’ for 2022.

November 14, 2022 – The ‘Santa Escape Room DIY Kit’ by Go Party Games has now been launched so people can enjoy a new and exciting Santa escape room puzzle for Christmas this year. The Christmas riddles DIY home kit takes players on an exciting journey of solving puzzles to free Santa and save Christmas, while also offering a hassle free and exciting gaming experience.

The game starts with an exclusive video message from Roxy, who is a detective at the ‘Hidden Clues’ agency. She announces that Santa has been locked in a room, and a ransom note has been left behind.

The players become a part of the detective agency and solve this Santa Escape Room Puzzle by overcoming the five challenges stated on the ransom note. If all riddles are solved correctly, a 4-digit code is revealed for the lock on Santa’s room.

‘Santa Escape Room DIY Kit’ is bound to become one of the most loved holiday family games for Christmas 2022.

You can now take your family and friends on an exciting journey as top-Secret Agents helping the detective agency “Hidden Clues” to solve riddles and overcome challenges to free Santa and save Christmas! Watch the official trailer available here: https://pixelfy.me/SantaTrailer.

A spokesperson for Go Party Games made an official press statement, “Here at Go Party Games, it is our mission to make game time fun, easy and accessible for players of all ages. Our new ‘Santa Escape Room DIY Kit’ for 2022 allows players to become true game masters. Our team worked on many Christmas themed escape room ideas before finalizing the best one. With an instant delivery and easy set up, our ‘Santa Escape Room DIY Kit’ also makes an amazing Christmas gift for game enthusiasts.”

The most special part of the game is the ability to personalize a message from Santa and Roxy. “Every child needs someone who believes in them. This holiday season can be especially magical with an entertaining video message from Santa highlighting child’s achievements this year, telling how special they are, and encouraging them to continue bringing joy to their family and friends” said Go Party Games representative.

More details about ‘Santa Escape Room DIY Kit’ can be found on the official Go Party Games website at https://www.gopartygames.com/, Etsy: https://gopartygames.etsy.com.

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