Top Real Estate Agents In Sebastopol, CA, Share Real Estate Market Insights

As inflation continues to be on the minds of many, it only makes sense that interest rates from mortgages are on the rise.

The rising interest rates mean buyers are waiting and holding off to see how high interest rates are likely to rise. Higher rates do mean higher monthly payments, and this makes many rethink their buying power.

Adam Menconi is the leading real estate listing agent in Sebastopol, California. He sees both sides of the issue. Buyers are holding off from looking, and sellers are holding off from listing. Menconi has a solution for both sides.

“If you feel it is the right time to sell or begin looking for a home, then it is the right time. No other real estate selling agent working in Sebastopol, CA will tell you any differently. The best time is on your schedule, and we are here to help you,” said Menconi.

Adam Menconi and his team of Realtor agents in Sebastopol, California are always ready to help buyers and sellers with potential properties. The changing mortgage rates mean many will have to make concessions they may did not have to make a year or so ago. This does not mean the seller or buyer will not find what they want. It may, in some instances, just take a bit longer than before.

“My team and I are always ready to help anyone with a home. Contact us, and we can get the process started,” said Menconi.

Menconi is the owner and operator of Prosper Moves, a leading real estate agency in Sebastopol, California. His website has a variety of properties available with new properties moving onto and off of the market with regularity. Visit for details and available properties.

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