Author Kristina Streva’s YA fantasy adventure, ‘The Inked Series,’ is a riveting under-the-sea tale of three sisters attempting to avoid capture by a flesh-hungry beast.

The newly published Young Adult Author Kristina Streva takes readers on a fantastical journey following three sisters, a flesh-hungry beast, and the princes of Atlantis.

Kristina Streva has completed her new book, ‘The Inked,’ which is now available for readers. The book is a captivating young adult fantasy that takes readers on an under-the-sea adventure and far beyond into the magical world of Merfolk, flesh-hungry beasts, princes, and three sisters born with eight long tentacles instead of beautifully jeweled and sequined fishtails.

Yuri and her sisters Britt and Tanis are busy ladies, trying to stay alive and together when they mistakenly cross into forbidden territory. Forced into a solitary existence after they were born with tentacles instead of fishtails, which Merfolk considered a deformity, all the sisters have is each other. Their quiet life comes to a startling halt when Britt unknowingly crosses over the ocean’s divide and into a sea of trouble. 

As the sisters try to evade capture by a beast, readers uncover another hunt. Kaleb and Neo, the princes of Atlantis, compete for the throne, and whoever kills the beast first becomes the rightful heir.

With an unforgettable mix of danger, desire, and deceit, ‘The Inked’ promises spine-tingling suspense, mermaid fantasy romance, an epic battle, and an exploration of the mythical Atlantis. ‘The Inked’ incorporates all the aspects of fantasy books that readers love so much, a touch of magic, out-of-this-world tales, and even everyday challenges like making friends, corrupt leaders, and the struggles of fitting in for young adults.

As her first YA book, Kristina Streva’s ‘The Inked Series’ captures readers’ imaginations through each word, scene, and character. It unlocks a vibrant world of YA mermaid fantasy romance with surprises around every corner.  

Streva shared that she hopes to release two more books in the series, giving fans of the ‘The Inked’ something to look forward to. Readers can experience Streva’s mesmerizing work in paperback or eBook by purchasing ‘The Inked’ on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and other online book sites. 

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