Debut Author George Shumanov’s Adventure Novel Gives Hope to the World in Trying Times

Debut Author George Shumanov’s Adventure Novel Gives Hope to the World in Trying Times

Chicago. Illinois – The adventure-romance saga ‘The Millennium: The Journey to Jerusalem’ is set to revive the reader’s hope in this harsh world with its staggering characters, splendid morals, and unbelievable turn of events. This book will give you an idea how everything will be during the Millennium and how the people from one European country will travel to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of the Tabernacles.

Based on emphatic philosophies and spiritual lessons, this book takes a twist on the typical adventure genre and preaches about the future of humanity in a fictitious world. Festooned with drama, love, some historical, mythical and mystical truths, the book is very easy to understand for people of all ages. The Millennium prophesizes about the end of times and what’s coming to this world, how it would come, what will be the aftermath the Millennium here on the earth.

It’s very important that we understand what is going on in the world; it is no secret. That was the author’s point when he started writing this book in 2006. George Shumanov wanted to show the world how things have been, and how they would be in the future. The teachings in this book would have a lot of people questioning about what they know, and what they think they know.

The ultimate objective of this book though is that if we lead a spiritually good life, this world will transform into the most beautiful place, beyond our imagination.

George was born in Bulgaria in 1958 and as a teenager, loved reading science fiction books. He started writing from a young age – a short novel about life on this earth and how it started. In 1989, he left Bulgaria and went to Austria, where he spent three years working as an Electronics Engineer. He met some Christian people from Bulgaria there and decided to become a Christian. This was mainly because he got the answer to the existential questions of life, like where we are from, what’s the purpose of our life here on earth, what are we going to become, and would everyone who was born live forever, and so forth.

The ideas that George Shumanov presents in this book are well-founded. His goal with this book and the story it tells is to change millions of lives for good, and to turn millions of people towards the truth and guidance so they can have the eternal life with infinite happiness.

You can purchase George’s book on Amazon in print and kindle formats.

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