New book “The Peaceful Parenting (R)evolution” by Kiva Schuler is released, a radical new approach to raising children that focuses on emotional intelligence and conscious communication

New book "The Peaceful Parenting (R)evolution" by Kiva Schuler is released, a radical new approach to raising children that focuses on emotional intelligence and conscious communication

“The Peaceful Parenting (R)evolution: Changing the World by Changing How We Parent” by Kiva Schuler has been released worldwide. Achieving bestseller status on Amazon as the #1 New Release and #5 overall in the Parenting category, this 248-page parenting guide redefines common conceptions of parent/child dynamics and challenges adults to examine unconscious behaviors that influence how they interact with their kids. 

The founder and CEO of The Jai Institute for Parenting, Schuler provides a wealth of insight into the ways that traditional parenting methods negatively affect children, and lays out a powerful, detailed new approach that emphasizes communication, empathy, acceptance, and leading by example. Alongside contributors from The Jai Institute for Parenting, the author combines scientific research, firsthand accounts from children, and techniques used in parent coaching programs to present an inspiring handbook for Peaceful Parenting. 

Instead of focusing on controlling children’s behavior, this revolutionary methodology has parents look inward to see how their words, actions, and attitudes are directly related to the development of their children. With lessons and techniques for embracing honesty, vulnerability, and compassionate leadership, the book goes beyond parenting advice and offers a framework for personal growth that translates directly into healthier, happier families. 

The Peaceful Parenting (R)evolution (ISBN: 9781958729977) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $16.95. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

How can parents best meet the complex needs of their children in these complicated times? 

Inside, you’ll find a radically different approach to parenting, where we stop asking so many questions about how to get children to behave and examine our behaviors, expectations, and values as parents. 

Embracing the idea that our children deserve our honesty, vulnerability, and leadership, you’ll discover a powerful framework for raising your family with integrity and confidence. 

Giving and receiving the trust, communication, cooperation, respect, and joy that every parent and child deserves, ultimately allows our children to become the leaders our future so desperately needs. 

A groundbreaking examination of parenting, written by the founder of the world’s leading parent coaching institute, this book will take you on an inner journey of self-inquiry, exploration, and curiosity, helping you answer the question that is only answerable by YOU: “How can I be the best version of myself in the name of raising my child?” 

You’ll be moved by stories of hope and inspired by powerful shifts in families from all over the world. 

“Nothing is more important than preserving the self-esteem and confidence of children. And parents are the best hope to do so. This is such important work.” – Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

About the author:

Kiva Schuler is the Founder and CEO of The Jai Institute for Parenting which has trained over 1000 parenting coaches globally since 2011. Kiva’s passion for parenting stemmed from her own childhood experiences of neglect and trauma. Like many of her generation, she had a front row seat to the kind of parenting that she did not want for her own children. Kiva is called upon frequently to speak on issues around parenting, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 

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