Crypto X-Seed, One of a Kind Binary Play to Earn System in the Market

World Of Farms, a phenomenal Blockchain P2E game provides innumerable play and earn opportunities to players through activities like guild wars, tournaments, and duels together with establishing their farming empire.

Crypto X-Seed is an emerging crypto platform. In a recent development, the company has launched a next-generation Binary Play to Earn Universe with two distinctly separate Game Universes. Through this initiative, it fundamentally aims to solve the inherent problems of a traditional P2E model.

The goal is to drastically minimize the player’s LOI (Loss on Investment) with the new features. The company’s fresh and unique approach in GameFi is expected to start a New Revolution of Next-Generation Play to Earn NFT Games simulating real-world scenarios. As it’s Binary Universe is considered as next Generation Dual Universe Play to Earn Ecosystem consisting of two varieties:


The Xenoverse is commonly known as Fighting Universe, where users must fight to earn the P2E model. Players in the Xenoverse can take assassination jobs and slay other Xenovis to “earn.” Crypto X-Seed’s PROGEN ($PGN) token’s name was derived from the word “Progenitor,” which means the origin of a person or a thing.

Players first need to acquire Crypto X-Seed’s Extraterrestrial Assassin NFT (Xenovi) to start playing in Crypto X-Seed’s Xenoverse. Only one Xenovi is required per 1 wallet address/account. Xenovi NFT minting is FREE. Players can start playing without investing a lot in buying tokens and spending these tokens minting their NFT characters.


The Vexitverse is known as the “Farming Universe,” where people farm to earn the P2E model. Inside Vextiverse, players can farm and Cultivate Crypto X-Seeds to harvest Chakra Fruits Token ($CFT) as a “reward.” Cultivating Crypto X-Seed requires the utilization of a Crypto X-Land NFT, which can be minted in the Farming Universe.

The holder’s Crypto X-Land NFT will determine the quantity of Crypto X-Seed they are allowed to cultivate all at once in 1 cultivation cycle, each lasting for five days or 120 hours.

X-Land NFTs have five different rarity classifications from Rarity 1 (R1) up to Rarity 5 (R5). Each rarity class is associated with an X-Seed Slot of 50 X-Seed and up to 500 X-Seed capacity.

Crypto X-Seed ecosystem offers 9 key innovations:

  • Limitless Fight to Earn Potential

  • What-You-Earn-Is-What-You-Get Rewards System

  • No Rewards Locking Mechanism

  • Next Generation Dual Universe Play to Earn Ecosystem

  • NFTs are minted for FREE

  • Dual Token / Dual Market System

  • 5 different INLETS valves for rewards replenishment

  • Progenitor’s S2E (Shill 2 Earn)

  • X-Guild

In addition, the Crypto X-Seed “RealiEconomy” is a realism-inspired economic model where earning, and living is based on a real-world economy. It is found in the primary form of a market economy, where the two forces, known as Supply and Demand, control the production of a particular good or service.

Crypto X-Seed has KYC’d by Pinksale, and audited by SolidProof. Both the CEO and COO are doxxed.

About the Company – Crypto X-Seed

Crypto X-Seed is a Binary Universe Play to Earn NFT game. It is divided into Two (2) Main P2E Universes, the Xenoverse and Vextiverse, which implies players can earn reward tokens from these two distinct universes in two ways: Assassination and Cultivation.

Consequently, each of these universes has its BEP20 tokens ($PGN & $CFT token, respectively), each with its own separate PancakeSwap Market Exchange. It is the “Main Reward Token” of Crypto X-Seed’s XENOVERSE (fighting Universe). At the same time, it is the “Main Utility Token” of Crypto X-Seed’s VEXTIVERSE (farming universe) and is essential to play in the Farming Universe.

Furthermore, potential investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in X-Seed, can visit the project’s official website, or read the whitepaper.

Crypto X-Seed

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