Tableo, a fast-growing Restaurant Reservation Platform now launches in Cyprus

Running a restaurant is no easy feat as there are so many moving parts. The busier the restaurant, the more chaos that comes with it. As time changes, finding the right staff isn’t easy, costs are rising, competition is constantly increasing and clients are becoming more and more demanding.

“At Tableo, we understand this very well as we deal with hundreds of restaurants around the world, and help them out with their reservation management needs all the time. In fact, in just a few months we have processed nearly half a million (500,000) reservations through Tableo and, the sister platform created to reserve a table in restaurants in Malta” says CEO and co-founder Jonathan Azzopardi Frantz

Tableo is a restaurant reservation management platform that helps restaurants of all sizes to get organised, save time, automate bookings, turn more tables, collect payments, reduce no-shows and so much more.

“We are excited about our journey into Cyprus”, says Jonathan. “We have had a few restaurants that came on board through word of mouth and seeing how vibrant the restaurant industry is in Cyprus and how well Tableo is received by the restaurants who are using it daily and giving it stellar reviews, we decided to build a team in Cyprus.”

“In fact, Jonathan and I will be travelling to Cyprus ourselves, to meet our partners and to meet franchise and restaurant owners personally”, says Ben Vincenti, co-founder and VP of Sales. “We’ll be meeting different stakeholders in Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol and Ayia Napa and we’re excited about what the future holds.”

Tableo is a reservation management platform, created for the modern restaurant manager who wants to make their life easier and is tired of dealing with endless phone calls for table bookings, and constant distractions that come with replying to messages on social media.

One thing the team at Tableo has learned is that there are thousands of restaurants in the world that do not have (or don’t think they need) a reservation management system, and usually they don’t think they need one until they get to see one like in action. Restaurateurs still resort to paper diaries which are very prone to disorganisation and mistakes not to mention how time-consuming taking reservations this way is.

Some restaurants think that people still like to book over the phone but when asked they have never stopped to question why. People like booking over the phone because it’s the only way they are going to get a fast confirmation for their reservation. There is no other instant way to get a confirmation of a reservation. They leave them with no choice. For most restaurants, it’s the ONLY way to reserve a table.

This is very time-consuming for restaurants. At 20 bookings per day for 30 days, a restaurant is wasting on average 20 hours per month. 20 hours of their time or paid in wages that can be saved or invested elsewhere, if they took online reservations.

Some restaurants worry that they are not tech-savvy enough for such a platform, however, Tableo was built from the ground up for ease of use by restaurants. If you are reading this, you are probably using a mobile, tablet or laptop and that’s pretty much the only skill needed. Tableo is built for ease of use, and for staff of all ages and backgrounds.

Tableo helps restaurants grow in a more organised way, by helping them digitise their reservation process. Tableo also helps restaurants retain more information about their guests allowing them to offer a tailored and personalised service, including preferences and dietary requirements. Tableo also helps restaurants minimize no-shows as well.

With Tableo, a restaurant can even increase its revenue and protect their bottom line in ways that restaurants couldn’t before. Tableo is for the restaurant manager who wants to reduce no-shows and increase table turn-around. It also allows restaurants to collect credit card details or deposits, on specific days, however they choose.

Tableo also become an official Reserve with Google partner and will soon be partnering up to integrate the Tableo booking form with the Michelin Guide also.

The future is bright for Tableo and they are looking forward to growing our presence in Cyprus!

If a restaurant owner or manage is looking to take their restaurant to the next level, please contact Tableo on – they would love to have a chat!

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