Garage Door Insulation is the Latest Trend in Melbourne, Victoria

The garage door is the largest opening and is often ignored allowing the outside temperature to penetrate throughout the house through the walls and ceiling.

Insulation is the most cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of any home or property. It can help with heating in winter and cooler in summer.

For the first time, Melbourne now has an insulation company that can insulate every type of garage door. Garage Door Insulation is the only business that can insulate roller doors, including sectional and tilt doors plus sheds and entertainment areas.

Insulation Garage Door is inviting visitors to explore it’s their new website.  The new website has been designed to offer the best user-friendly experience allowing customers to see all services available throughout Melbourne, Victoria.

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Insulation Garage Door is a Melbourne-grown thermal and energy-efficiency business that wants to make a genuine difference in people’s lives. Our prices are designed to give Melbournian’s a more affordable option to control their garage’s temperature and save on electricity.

At Insulation Garage Door, WE COME TO YOU and are capable of reducing temperature between 12-15 degrees instantly. Insulation Garage Door is committed to being the most trusted garage door insulation specialist.


Insulation Garage Door offers numerous solutions to help reduce radiant heat in summer and keep warm in winter.

As mentioned above, the thermal and energy efficiency market is growing as a result of souring energy costs and extreme weather conditions. There are many reasons to have a house, shed or business insulated from the home office, gym, extended living area, kids retreat, car lovers, workshop, man cave, music studio, and more.

1. Garage Door Insulation

Garage Door Insulation will change the temperature between 12-15 degrees instantly.

This is a fully supplied and installed solution. We use aluminum foil-faced SL-grade Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) closed cell-structure insulation for a maximum thermal boundary. It acts like a radiant barrier to reflect heat away from your property, while still creating an insulating core wherever it is installed, like cool rooms and thermal blankets.

All panels are measured and cut onsite to exact dimensions and embedded into the internal frame of the garage door. This is a one-off permanent solution that does not require any maintenance. It contains no CFCs or HCFCs whilst also being 100% recyclable.

2. Garage Door Seals and Perimeter Lintel

Our team of professional installers will come to your home and install weather-sealing lintel around your garage door along the sides and top of the door to close any gaps. The seals will cut out air, moisture, dust, prevent ember & pest invasion.

3. Shed Insulation

Shed insulation is a 25mm thick rigid panel of SL-grade EPS laminated with aluminium foil on both sides. Both sides work as radiant barriers, that is it reflects away heat. The Expanded Polystyrene core reduces the transfer by conduction forming a tight seal reducing heat transfer by convection, which is the moving of air between the inside and outside of the shed. This is a fully supplied and installed solution.

Example: If it’s 39° degrees outside the temperature under your outdoor area can reach over 50° because of radiant heat. Our veranda insulation provides 97% radiant heat loss, meaning the temperature under your outdoor area will be between 24-27° degrees.

4. Verandah Insulation

Verandah Insulation can be applied to your existing outdoor area to reduce radiant heat and temperature between 12-15° degrees instantly. Our all-in-one package includes fully supplied, fitted and installed insulation ceiling roof panels to your existing or old verandah, pergola, porch, gazebo, patio, sunroom, deck area or carport.

5. Roller Door Insulation

Insulation Garage Door is the only company in Victoria that insulates roller doors. No other business in Melbourne has the technology, knowledge, and experience to install insulation on existing, new or old roller doors. We offer a fully supplied, fitted, and installed solution using 5mm thick closed-cell foam insulation, with a highly reflective foil surface on both sides. Permanently installed using non-chlorinated, commercial-grade rubber spray adhesive.


This is a great opportunity for all Victorian homeowners to call and discuss the best way to reduce outside temperature entering the house. Insulation Garage Door management has expressed the company’s desire to help all Melbourne homeowners and regional clients with the best service at the lowest prices.

Insulation Garage Door guarantees all workmanship and provides before and after photos including timelapse video of the entire installation process. The company provides a 25-performance manufacturer’s warranty for all EPS insulation.

More information on insulation is available at Sustainability Victoria.

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