Fintech Startup Launched a Quantitative Investment Insights Newsletter

Munich-based fintech startup Investoom announced that it is launching a quantitative investment newsletter for retail investors.

Investoom is a market intelligence company that provides quantitative investment insights through social sentiment data, on-chain data, and financial data. Simply said, Investoom democratizes access to hedge fund insights. For that, Investoom uses the latest machine learning models to analyze millions of data points on the social web and on the blockchain. 

“Alternative data, specifically sentiment and on-chain analysis, is a data source that institutional investors have had access to for quite some time now, but these investment insights have been inaccessible to retail investors, and that’s exactly what Investoom wants to change as we are democratizing the access to quantitative investment insights,” said one of the co-founders of Investoom.

Investoom creates investment insights by monitoring the crowd sentiment on the social web, e.g. how positive or negative people think about a financial asset. The company also monitors transactions on the blockchain through on-chain analysis, e.g. if big crypto whales buy or sell certain coins. Also, other financial data is being used, e.g. correlation between assets, insider trading, and other quantitative data. Overall, those insights make data-driven investment decisions possible, giving retail investors the chance to invest more professionally.

“Before starting Investoom, we did scientific research in the area of stock predictions and analyzed leading literature in this area. We managed to develop a solution that can compete with leading literature” said the technical co-founder of Investoom.

With the go-to-market campaign, Investoom has managed to generate millions of views on TikTok and other social media channels, validating the strong need of retail investors for quantitative investment insights.

“We see a general trend where retail investors want to invest more professionally and gain more market power, which in turn could fuel our growth as a startup,” said one of Investoom’s co-founders.

The startup was created as a spinoff of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), one of Europe’s best-renowned universities, more precisely at the UnternehmerTUM startup incubator, Europe’s leading entrepreneurship center.

Investoom’s founders have previously worked in venture building and software development, bringing quite a bit of experience to the table, and are confident about the venture’s future.

The quantitative investment insights are made accessible via a free newsletter that is available on!

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