Skrunda Manor Restoration and the Good Job Done by Arvis Šteinbergs

Skrunda District, LV – Considered a miniature copy of the Mezotne Castle, the Skrunda Manor is a typical 19th-century classic structure, simple and peacefulThis beautiful castle, known for its visual appearance and exclusive architecture, was reconstructed to preserve its beauty and make it an inspiration for future generations.

Funds for the reconstruction of the Skrunda Manor came from SIA Anderson Baltic, a non-liability company co-owned by Arvis Šteinbergs and Ligita Šteinberga. If people get to, they will find that Arvis Steinbergs has immensely contributed to the reconstruction and restoration of Skrunda Manor, making it an architectural marvel that it is today! Anderson Baltic bought the Skrunda Manor at an auction conducted by the Skrunda Municipality in the year 2006 for a sum of 93, 000 lats.

A major part of the money needed for Skrunda Manor’s reconstruction came from the EU’s program for tourism development. At, the main conceptualizers of the Skrunda Manor reconstruction assignment were Karīna Ābiķi and Ulvis. Out of the 24 objects used for the 2011 Best Buildings in Latvia competition conducted by the Latvian Builders’ Association, the reconstruction of the Skrunda Manor received the 3rd position in the nominations.

For the uninitiated, Arvis Steinbergs has been the co-owner and member of the Board at Anderson Baltic Ltd. for 16 years and 9 months. He is also the co-founder at Avento Ltd. since February 1994. Post reconstruction, the Skrunda Manor now stands as one of the best hotels in the Skrunda district, with 12 well-equipped rooms featuring individual themes, such as Pavasaris, Kurzeme, and Ventas Sakta. The hotel offers recreational opportunities and features professionally equipped banquets and conference halls. It is one of the perfect hotels for individuals with special requirements.

The Latvian and European manors and castles are exclusive locations where art, culture, and history meet. Many of these castles and manors have now become the major centers of social life and tourism in their surroundings. Skrunda Manor is one such castle that has been highlighted by LPVEA that now invites individuals to visit the exclusive cultural heritage of Latvia in the form of its manors and castles. Visitors at Skrunda Manor get the scope to acquaint themselves with the vital role that the structure has played in the past and the wide scopes of use it offers today. Exhibitions and concerts also conducted in these manors give people the scope to familiarize themselves with the castles and the manors.

The manager at Skrunda Manor A/S Skrundas Muiža ensures the smooth operation of the public spaces, restaurants, and hotels across the manor. Speaking of the Skrunda Manor museum exhibits, they are quite exclusive. The interactive stands at the museum feature several expositions dedicated to Skrunda-related individuals who are popular in Latvia and beyond. It is also worth noting that post its reconstruction job, Skrunda now welcomes boating enthusiasts to go along the banks of Venta, offering them some of the most pleasant moments of rest before measuring the journey further.

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