The Palm Beach Art Collection Brings Together Over 70 Artists and 300 Original Artworks

The Palm Beach Art Collection Brings Together Over 70 Artists and 300 Original Artworks
The Palm Beach Art Collection highlights diverse art styles for collectors and enthusiasts.

Art collectors and enthusiasts on the hunt for unique and captivating works of art do not need to look far with The Palm Beach Art Collection, a one-of-a-kind gallery where world-class paintings and modern technology converge. The gallery highlights over 300 original artworks from 70 established and emerging local and international artists. It boasts diverse masterpieces available in different mediums and styles, including traditional pieces, contemporary artworks, whimsical paintings, and abstracts.

Each piece is carefully curated under the artistic eye of Julie Roberts, Co-Founder and Owner of The Palm Beach Art Collection. Ms. Roberts acquired the original gallery inventory from the Liman Gallery, Palm Beach, which held many artworks from highly talented artists and award-winning New York Studio School students. Some are also sourced from art fairs and exhibits. Moreover, the gallery is continuously expanding and adding new artists to its roster for a comprehensive, diverse, and imaginative collection that goes beyond the norm.

“If you want to transform your house from plain to fabulous, you need to be investing in fine art, and we’re here to help you find the right pieces,” says Julie Roberts: Co-founder and Owner of The Palm Beach Art Collection.

The gallery has something for everyone to add to their collection and hang on their walls to bring spaces to life. Gallery founders, Roberts and Liman, are more than glad to offer their insights and help collectors find the perfect piece.

Another thing that makes The Palm Beach Art Collection stand out is its successful technology integration. It features 3D virtual exhibits that allow viewers to experience walking around the gallery and looking through the paintings as if they are physically there. The experience is immersive, with a realistic feel, textures, and details. Viewers can look at each image in close-up and find information about the artist and the artwork itself. Like a real-life gallery experience, they can also purchase any painting they fancy or make an offer with a simple click.

Currently, The Palm Beach Art Collection is exhibiting Selections from the Liman Gallery/The Palm Beach Art Collection, which features 27 artworks Liman has gathered over the decades. Selected works can be viewed by appointment at a warehouse in Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach Art Collection is a proud partner of Artsy, the world’s largest online marketplace for fine art. It offers free packing and shipping for all domestic orders and a subsidized cost for most international orders.

Explore its beautiful offerings and 3D virtual exhibit today:

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