Thriving Restaurants Offering Complimentary Consultations to Help Restaurants Succeed in a Difficult Economy

Systems implemented by Thriving Restaurants keep costs down and profits high

HOUSTON – November 17, 2022 – For regional restaurant owners facing unpredictable high prices, huge staffing shortages and overworked managers, industry veteran Glenn Hurley has launched Thriving Restaurants to help these small restaurant groups become successful in a difficult economy.


Discussing his motivation for starting Thriving Restaurants, Hurley succinctly said, “I decided to leave the corporate world to help them because they work too hard not to make decent money.”

Thriving Restaurants has two methods for helping small restaurants. The company evaluates how restaurants spend money and renegotiates their programs to the operator’s benefit. Or a restaurant can become a client and Thriving Restaurants will leverage its 30 years of experience and relationships to get them lower prices on pre-negotiated deals.

“Chains have the upper hand on local restaurant companies and we plan to level the playing field using every resource we have,” Hurley said.

Thriving Restaurants begins consultations with restaurants by going over their struggles, needs and future growth plans. Next, the company undertakes an in-depth analysis, including yield/spend, food cost and a labor analysis, and helps restaurateurs find the gaps where projected profit is missing and builds an easy-to-execute action plan.

The consultation ends with the implementation foolproof systems that will keep a restaurant’s costs down and profits high.

Thriving Restaurants, whose experts have worked with hundreds of restaurants throughout North America, does more than a measurement of a restaurant’s profits and losses. They analyze, report and recommend the best practices for operations and create a roadmap toward success. Plans are clear, measurable, understandable and easy to teach.

In addition, Thriving Restaurants offers group purchasing for better prices, quality and efficiency. “With fierce competition, high-priced food shipments and razor-thin profit margins, running a successful business becomes a big challenge. What restaurants need is a reliable group purchasing organization to cut down on expenses, simplify operations and boost productivity,” Hurley added.


With Thriving Restaurants’ carefully selected supplier network, restaurateurs can meet their inclusivity, sustainability and quality goals while increasing the variety and quality of their offerings.

Thriving Restaurants also offers restaurant development and opening services. Thriving Restaurants ensures new restaurants have a solid training program for every position, procedures in place, budgets and that they have costed out their recipes. Thriving Restaurants will also oversee the construction of new restaurant buildings.

Restaurateurs can visit for more information and to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. Visitors to the site can also subscribe to the Thriving Restaurants newsletter.

About Thriving Restaurants

Using his 30-plus years of experience in the corporate world, Thriving Restaurants founder Glenn Hurley highlights the systemic problems that new business owners face and helps restaurant owners and leaders avoid costly mistakes. Covering everything from opening unit consulting, bar consulting, procurement consulting to training programs and restaurant data analysis, Hurley and his team at Thriving Restaurants will do 98 percent of the hard work. At the same time, you can use your newly found free time to focus on other aspects of your business. Thriving Restaurants’ success during the pandemic has shown that Hurley is up to the challenge. After working with more than 200 restaurant brands during the last 10 years, he knows how to help your business adapt to new market trends.

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