Controversial New Novel The Celeste Experiment By Omar Imady

Controversial New Novel The Celeste Experiment  By Omar Imady
Do You Think You Know the Truth?

Virginia Beach, Virginia – Nov 17, 2022 – The Celeste Experiment, by acclaimed author Omar Imady is now available to readers the world over. When modern science fails to save his wife Celeste, Michael turns to religion. When religion fails to cure her, he is left searching for answers. 

The Celeste Experiment  is one that captures the dynamics of death, faith, and revelation. From Michaels grief flows anger, determination, and finally the plan – a meticulous experiment to unravel the truth in one of civilization’s most controversial topics … the concept of God. 

At the heart of this plan is Hamida Begum. A young woman of depth and intelligence, heiress to a lost lineage. Selected and prepared. Qualified in ways even Michael could never have anticipated. Will her involvement in this vast, mysterious, and at times unethical endeavor deliver resolution?  

This literary work, with a touch of magical realism, The Celeste Experiment, is the story of one man’s attempt to sever the spiritual threads of history once and for all. It is a thrilling journey of revenge and conviction, sorrow and rage, design and entrapment, and the message of whispered words. A tale where no one and nothing is vindicated … except love.

Reviews for The Celeste Experiment

“This provocative tale is both searching and skeptical, and in the end surprisingly emotional. Imady is interested in belief, in what people get out of it, and in what is missing.” – Publishers Weekly / Book Life

“Readers and libraries seeking reflective literary works that delve into matters of love, connection and spiritual exploration will find The Celeste Experiment a powerfully rendered saga … hard-hitting plot … will linger in the mind long after the reading.” – Midwest Book Review/Donovan’s Literary Services

“An engaging, meditative, globe-trotting tale that ultimately reinforces the presence of spiritual forces.” – Kirkus

 “The surprise ending is gratifying, and Hamida dignifies humanity as a beautiful, inspiring heroine.” – US Review

Omar Imady is an uncommon collection of many things – poet, historian, novelist, Syrian, American, exile, Sufi, ‘Alan Wattsian’, cat lover, avid coffee drinker, insatiable gastronome – all of which find expression in his growing repertoire of eclectic fiction. He is the author of multiple books, including The Gospel of Damascus, a 2012 Book of the Year Award finalist, and When Her Hand Moves, a collection of three controversial, thought-provoking novellas. His forthcoming novels dig ever deeper into the human experience of alienation and the quest for meaning in a world increasingly hostile to answers.  

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ISBN: 978-1-940178-60-8 epub

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