Foundation Tree of Life Pioneers Ovum Fungi, A Patented Green Burial Option for Human Remains

United States – Foundation Tree of Life, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has pioneered a promising new line of green, eco-friendly burial options for human remains. The new method is helping people understand the path of life and improving access to methods that facilitate smooth, environmentally conscious transitions after death.

Founded by Karina Laranjeira LaMarr, the Foundation Tree of Life has engineered Ovum Fungi, a patented invention of small capsules equipped with mycelium and other components that naturally decompose human remains to minimize the impact that disposed of bodies have on the environment. This promising green method benefits the environment in the short and long term, including for future generations. Each mycelium-filled Ovum Fungi capsule works to decompose and detoxify remains in as little as 30 days and provides a natural, environmentally friendly remediation process that is guaranteed to fertilize the soil, rejuvenate agriculture, and improve the climate. The Egg comes in small, medium, and human sizes. The small and medium it is for the remaining parts of the body and the human size is for the full body burial.

The Ovum Fungi invention comes at a crucial time as traditional burial methods have become increasingly harmful and costly to the environment. Coffin-based burials require millions of trees for coffin construction each year, and human remains placed inside them often contain clothing, makeup, and other toxic substances, like embalming chemicals, that take years to breakdown, poison surrounding soil, and cost of ones tens of thousands of dollars for loved ones. This has made Ovum Fungi the ideal green burial alternative for those hoping to leave a long-lasting, positive impact on the environment after death.

To learn more, read about the importance of changing old habits to keep Earth healthy and pursuing green burial options in The Tree of Life: What Earth Depends On, a book written by the Foundation Tree of Life’s Karina Laranjeira LaMarr.

Non-Profit Foundation Tree of Life is accepting donations and also applications for the families and individuals that qualify for the service. For more information, visit or @TreeofLifePro on Instagram.

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