Dentist Declares Commitment to Improving Kids’ Oral Health

Dr. Sandra Thompson and the entire team at Desert Kids Dental have declared a commitment to improving kids’ smiles by dealing with tooth decay. Desert Kids Dental is offering pulpotomy treatment, which is a specialized dental procedure for treating tooth decay that reaches the tooth nerve in children.

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, can affect children of any age as long as they have teeth. Hence, this is a common problem among children as young as six months old. Also, cavities tend to affect baby teeth faster than the ones that come later, permanent teeth. The common cause of cavities is sugar in the mouth and on the teeth reacting to the bacteria in the mouth. Since kids love sugary stuff, cavities are inevitable stressors for these little ones.

According to the dental clinic spokesperson, “Pulpotomy, which in the medical field is also called a baby root canal, is an endodontic treatment designed to deal with cavities at the dental pulp of a primary or baby tooth.  The pulp is an inner layer of the tooth containing tissues, nerves, and blood vessels.”

The clinic spokesperson added, “The dental pulp is affected by trauma or untreated dental cavities, which can be pretty painful to the kid. Pulpotomy, therefore, is a quick remedy to this situation to avoid deterioration.”

The pulpotomy process is pretty straightforward and painless for the kid and involves removing the pulp tissue in the crown of the tooth, but leaving it in the root. It is different from the typical adult tooth root canal procedure that involves the removal of pulp entirely, including in the roots.

However, in both processes, a full-coverage crown is recommended to protect the remaining tooth structure. The tooth is protected with a stainless-steel or zirconia crown that covers the tooth. This crown should stay in place until the new permanent tooth grows in.

In a clarification statement, Dr. Thompson said, “Pulpotomy is a restorative process that prevents the unnecessary extraction of baby teeth. Extraction of baby teeth is not recommended unless the pulp tissue is unhealthy or there is an infection. Baby teeth play a very significant role in creating a path for permanent teeth. Hence, extracting them can lead to misaligned teeth or other orthodontic complications.”

About Desert Kids Dental

Desert Kids Dental is a state-of-the-art modern kids’ dental clinic located in Providence, Las Vegas, Nevada. Desert Kids Dental is owned and managed by Dr. Sandra Thomson, a board-certified pediatric dentist and a member of many professional boards, including the Nevada Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. They seek to cultivate positive dental experiences that lead to long-lasting healthy smiles for the kids.

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