Crime/Mystery/Horror author Michael Kelso releases second mystery novel

Who is ‘The Boss’?

Schellsburg, Pennsylvania – November 21st, 2022 – Crime/Mystery author Michael Kelso releases, ‘Identity’, the long awaited sequel to his debut novel. Continuing the events in his first novel, Identity weaves a tale of deceit and intrigue as the denizens of Larsan State Prison come to terms with the consequences of one man’s actions.

One on Ones used brutality to gain an unprecedented level of control over the inmates in Larsan State Prison. But with Emil Sorn gone, the tide has turned, and the inmates have their sights set on running the prison their way.

Directly following the events in ‘One on One’, this book delves back into the past to discover where everything went wrong. The inmates are taking control of Larsan State Prison back, and there are those who aren’t very happy about it, most of all, the warden. Now there’s rumor of a new threat. An inmate known only as ‘The Boss’, who has his sights set on running the prison, and maybe more. A dark mirror of Emil Sorn, his tactics range from brutal to insidious. Will the warden be able to find and stop him before he loses control and many more get hurt? Or will the inmates turn the tide from control to anarchy?

Can a moral man live with an immoral decision? Or is he forever tainted? Warden Teph must ask himself that question. Will he find the answer and The Boss before it’s too late?

“Mind Blowing read.” – Emily Haynes

“I was pulled into the story right away.” – Brenda Volpe 

“It’s so refreshing to finally read something that I haven’t figured out the culprit in the first couple of chapters.” – Ellie Algiere

“I’m going to read One on One… to see how all of this began.” – Sherri McCune

‘Identity’ is currently available for preorder, with release date set for 11-21-22. It can be purchased at

Michael Kelso is a prolific author, having published 10 books over the last 6 years. His most popular have been ‘One on One’, and his short horror collection ‘Dark Tales of Cryptids and Park Rangers’.


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