3 Oh 4 Investments gives tips on how to make the right first impression with Property in Kanawha County WV

3 Oh 4 Investments gives tips on how to make the right first impression with Property in Kanawha County WV

“Selling your Kanawha, West Virginia house fast is easy when you have an attractive home”
Stand out in the real estate market by making the right first impression. Make your Kanawha, West Virginia house more attractive with some repairs and home staging!

Selling your Kanawha, West Virginia house fast is easy when you have an attractive home

They say first impressions last. This is particularly true in the real estate market. And while location and price are factors to be considered, the Kanawha, West Virginia houses that sell fast are usually the ones that look modern, chic, and clean. It’s because these houses offer a fantasy. Upon entry, potential buyers can imagine themselves living their best lives in this staged and spruced up home. In today’s competitive real estate market, it pays to stand out. Moreover, having a good first impression can give you enough leverage to negotiate for a higher price. Here’s how 3 Oh 4 Investments can help. As one of Kanawha, West Virginia’s leading cash homebuyers, we know what sells fast. It goes beyond just simple cleaning and repairs; It involves attention to detail. Here are some ways you can make your Kanawha, West Virginia house more attractive:

Simple and fast fixes

People always assume that in order to sell your Kanawha, West Virginia house fast, you’re going to need hundreds and thousands of dollars. However, you can actually increase the value of your property with some quick and easy fixes. Here’s how you can spruce up your home without spending too much

  • Create better storage systems

    • Sometimes it all boils down to organization. You don’t have to remodel the kitchen or break walls down for a walk-in closet when you have an organized storage system. Not only will this allow you to maximize your space, it also gives your home a chic and modern feel. 

  • Fix small repair items

    • Tightening screws or replacing faulty parts can definitely go a long way. Before you have your home appraised, make sure that you’ve dealt with any minor issues and damages. 

Invest in home staging

Home staging is the art of preparing your Kanawha, West Virginia home for a sale. Cash homebuyers would recommend  decluttering and removing personal items. This provides potential buyers with a blank canvas to imagine their future in your property. Here are a couple of other ways you can stage your house better:

  • Focus on curb appeal

    • Potential buyers judge a book by its cover. As a result, the outside of your home needs to be picture perfect. A fresh coat of paint would be perfect for a tight budget. But if there are extra funds to invest, consider planting a garden or building a front porch.

  • Hire a professional photographer

    • Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste with low quality photos. Professional photographers would know how to highlight the best parts of your Kanawha, West Virginia home.

Negotiate wisely

Once all of the repairs and staging are done, you may now put your Kanawha, West Virginia property up for sale. This involves having your house appraised by professional real estate agents. They compute the price of your home based on the location, size, and work you’ve put into it. You can then begin negotiating with potential buyers. Cash homebuyers would recommend pricing your Kanawha, West Virginia house competitively to leave you with enough room to negotiate. Lastly, don’t forget to be honest and upfront about any potential problems and issues. This allows you to build trust with your buyers. 

It takes a lot of energy and resources to get the best first impression. However, with the right cash homebuyer, you won’t need to worry about that. 3 Oh 4 Investments can give you the most attractive offer for your Kanawha, West Virginia property while still closing the deal in less than two weeks! Just visit our website and we’ll get you started on that fair cash offer today!

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