Clapper App Founder Edison Chen as new business leader awarded 36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100

DALLAS, Texas – The fastest growing live & short video social platform Clapper’s founder, and outstanding Chinese entrepreneur Edison Chen was selected as one of the “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100“, released on Nov 17, 2022. This award program focuses on outstanding overseas Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs.

The same selected group of entrepreneurs is highly representative, and the size of the company has reached the super unicorn level. In the survey list, the overall valuation and market value scale of all enterprises under this category has reached $730 billion +, which means that these companies have not only undergone long years of trials and tribulations, but also conquered everyone with a unique business model or a high enough competitive barrier.

Under this category, entrepreneurs such as Chen Bingyao (co-founder and CEO of Grab), Zhao Bin (founder and CEO of Agora), Reynolds Xin (co-founder of Databricks) and Hou Xiaodi (co-founder of Tucson Future) represent the main technology fields such of AI, big data and other technological innovations, and they are the ones who make a pie-in-the-sky idea come true. These innovators are constantly changing people’s lives and the ways of social operation. They have also enhanced the voice of Chinese technology innovators worldwide, becoming the best business cards of Chinese in the field of technology entrepreneurship.

There are over 60 million overseas Chinese entrepreneurs spread out in nearly 200 countries and regions in the world, according to statistics. Among them, a large portion of them have founded enterprises. It’s estimated that the total assets of Chinese enterprises in the world exceed over US $5 trillion, and the Chinese enterprises are growing into an important part of those countries and regions’ economies.

The significance of my social networking platform is to let those neglected groups feel the beauty of life, so that every ordinary person can find a suitable circle of friends and spiritual belonging here,” said Chen.

Clapper’s founder, Edison Chen, was honored with this award. Owing to Mr. Chen’s success as the founder of Clapper, the app now boasts over 10 million users including around 500,000 content creators from over 250 countries who together have created 4 million videos and 100 million minutes of live broadcast time. The app allows users to share the latest trends and their real lives as they unfold via short form videos. It uses ‘equal opportunity’ algorithms to show ordinary, real, and diverse communities of people through the sharing of short videos and live streams, instead of promoting influencing profiles with huge followings. Clapper also has been ranked in the top 10 downloaded apps many times in App Store and Google Play in more than 100 countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

About 36Kr

36Kr was founded in July 2011 as a company dedicated to serving entrepreneurs. Over six years, it has grown into a comprehensive service provider aimed at serving innovative tech companies while being the largest and strongest ecosystem-based platform that boasts comprehensive coverage over a myriad of sectors with a game-changing vision.

About Clapper

Clapper is one of the fastest-growing live & short video social platforms using frontier AI technology for the GenX and Y community. FREE to use, NO Ads, and real lives. Clapper App has been listed in the top 10 lists of the App Store and Google Play in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and more than 100 countries.

For additional information, go to or App Store & Google Play to download Clapper App.

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