Looko rolls out a new feature of the secondhand marketplace based on their AI digital closet platform “Acloset” at SLUSH 2022

Helsinki, Nov 17 Looko rolled out a new feature of the secondhand marketplace in their service Acloset to the Slush 2022 participants. It allows Acloset users to buy and sell their preloved clothing items by selecting items in their digital closet. 

Acloset is an AI-based digital closet application that allows people to create their own digital closet by taking pictures of clothes or capturing images from online retail stores. Users can see all the clothes they own at a glance, and make the best use of the clothes by creating various outfit combinations and planning their outfits. It also provides personalized recommendations of daily outfits and new items based on their clothes by an AI engine, developed and trained with more than 20 M clothes data.

Acloset is rapidly growing around the world, reaching 1 million global users within 20 months after its official launch. In particular, Gen Z women from many European countries and the United States are rapidly inflowing. Acloset has received lots of positive feedback from users saying that it provides a very easy way to create their digital closet and plan daily outfits, which has realized smart fashion life. As of June 2022, Looko raised funds of several million dollars from some leading Korean venture capitals.

By introducing the secondhand marketplace for preloved clothes, users can enjoy fashion life smarter by selling items they do not wear often. Looko announced that the selling process will be extremely easy as users can simply select items to sell from their digital closet. Also, users can find buyers fast as Acloset recommends potential buyers for each item. Looko also pointed out that it would contribute to global sustainable fashion as it provides opportunities to deliver clothes not worn often to people who will love to wear them.

Site : www.acloset.app

Email : support@acloset.app

Insta : @team.acloset

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