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The invisible screen is a screen that can automatically rewind. It is mainly used for ventilation and mosquito prevention. The frame is attached to the window frame, and the screen is pulled down when you want to use it, and when you don’t use it, the screen will automatically roll back into the net box. It doesn’t take up space and has a strong seal. Coordinate with high-grade home decoration.

The working principle of rolled screen: collect the screen by roll. Opening method: manual, electric, chain bead. Opening direction: Vertical, horizontal are available. Folding type working principle: collect the screen by the fold of the screen (like accordion). Opening method: mostly manual. Opening direction: vertical, horizontal are available.

1. If the surface of the frame is accidentally rubbed, use Pyrex beads to scrub or spray some self spray paint.

2. When you don’t need to use the screen door or window, you should put the screen away to avoid long time closing the screen door or window to affect the service life of the spring and the cleanliness of the screen.

3. Do not stomp on the aluminum profile to avoid damage to the aluminum profile.

4. The screen does not need to be taken down for cleaning, it can be cleaned when pulling the screen, or the screen can be cleaned by tapping with a chicken feather duster. If the kitchen screen is stained with soot, use a damp cloth dipped in some detergent to lightly wipe the screen and then wipe with a damp cloth. Wait for the screen to dry and then roll it back.

5. If the screen is windy and rainy, close the window and roll the screen back up. If the screen floats out because of windy, put the screen into the track and then pull the screen, when the wind is too strong, it is recommended to close the window or not to use the screen.

6. When pulling the mesh bar, pull it parallel to the track, such as accidentally pulling the mesh bar out of the track. Can first make the clip mesh bar tilt respectively clip mesh bar two sets into the track, and then gently pull a few times (when pulling to pay attention to the upper and lower screen mesh is flat back to roll). The screen door and window will be restored, not affecting the future use of the effect.

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