EPR-Technologies, Inc., Focuses on its Goal Since its Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Started.

EPR-Technologies, Inc., Focuses on its Goal Since its Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Started.

Washington, D.C. – November 22, 2022 – Through an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, EPR-Technologies is nearing the end of its second crowdfunding campaign. The Company has a $65.09M valuation and a $400 investment minimum.

The EPR-Technologies team is dedicated to the memory and vision of Peter Safar, the father of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, who invented rapid, profound hypothermia for emergency medical resuscitation so that “hearts and brains that would otherwise die” could be saved. EPR can impose a state of suspended animation by inducing profound hypothermia, cooling the heart, brain, and other vital organs in order to preserve them.

As a result of EPR, the heart, brain, and other vital organs can be isolated for immediate and targeted intervention to impose a state of clinical preservation, giving time for transport to trauma centers with advanced medical/surgical intervention capabilities and specialized acute care. Over the last two decades, the Safar Center has developed revolutionary emergency resuscitation capabilities. This technology forms the foundation of EPR-Technologies’ patented product line. In situations where cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) does not work, emergency preservation and resuscitation (EPR) can save a life.

In a critical period of time (approximately 3+ hours), trauma centers can provide specialized acute care, surgical intervention, and advanced medical/surgical interventions to patients. An EPR clinical trial in victims of serious trauma is now underway as part of demonstrating the use of rapid profound hypothermia (suspended animation).

Investment into EPR-Technologies is ending soon through StartEngine, www.startengine.com/epr-technologies

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