“Your Extra Is Someone’s Charity” Lijif.Org Goes A Notch

Life in Jesus International Foundation Inc. is a charity organization founded by Prince Nelson, a published American author, esteemed scientist, and philanthropist hailing from Uganda.

In much of the third world, most young people who “age out” of the home care system at the age of 15 can expect to live in poverty.

Many are not prepared for university education, and end up homeless, jobless, or even incarcerated. They lack the financial and educational resources they need to become successful adults. 

Despite the above challenges, young people from such broken and shattered backgrounds (many of them orphaned by HIV/AIDS or war) still have aspirations and potential to become fully participating citizens by working in accounting, design, health care, web programming, and entertainment as well.

The main challenge inhibiting efforts to emancipate them from their predicaments is convincing donors and wealthy good Samaritans that the youth can attain more responsibility and are still energetic to prepare for a future. 

The culture of low expectations for teens in Uganda and Africa at large today and the lack of accountability for their success must change. The services provided by many of these organizations have been inadequate as they rarely focus on future planning as a way for young people to overcome poverty and contribute to the welfare of the societies in which they live.

The Empowerment Center set up by LIJIF.ORG gives responsibility, education, and opportunities to teens to have the potential to advocate for themselves. 

With LIJIF.ORG, this happened especially when the founder and well-wishers, good Samaritans, philanthropists, and community-based organizations came together and gave support and tools to treat each teen as an individual with potential. 

“If we are to be successful in helping teens and young adults to avoid poverty, the broader community must get involved. Private sector leaders, higher education experts, and others must get involved,” said Prince, the founder of LIJIF.ORG. 

They could provide advice to individual youth by providing education through scholarships and internships and exposure to foreign education opportunities. They could also participate in policy discussions, preparing teens for adulthood. 

“We cannot sit back and wait for donors to give us funds, books, clothes, and also wait for them to help support and nurture our youth for us,” Hannah Kizza Kyeyune, Senior Director of Life in Jesus International Foundation stated. 

The organization that started in January 2006 had its founder donate over $200,000 to pro-Ugandan youth causes and took numerous trips in and out of Uganda to solicit more help that resulted in a startup of a science university, LIJIF International American University, which gave out over 250 scholarships. 

In extending philanthropy to the often-forgotten youth, Prince Kimera, formerly known as Nelson Yiga, joined hands with other Ugandan sports laureates and musicians for which he is a professional songwriter and author of books. 

Instead of jumping on a bandwagon to help bring water to dry lands in Uganda or go set up a shelter to help AIDS patients and children suffering from HIV, Prince and his crew of LIJIF chose to directly empower the youth indiscriminately by offering skills subjectively to speed up learning and jump into the unpredictable business world. 

In Uganda, there is a tremendous need and desire for micro-financing for many young, vibrant, and innovative young people in film industries, music composition and entertainment, software engineering, and agriculture. They are hungry for work and jobs but not yet skilled enough to economically manage their passion for growth. 

Prince Nelson Kimera formerly known as Nelson Yiga getting a Congressional Medal of Distinction from Congresswoman Virginia Fox in 2008 in Eashington DC during the Presidential Dinner.

More information about Life in Jesus International Foundation is available on the organization’s official website

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