Abandoned Orphan-Girl Inspires Broken Generations To Find Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Freedom

With its highs and lows, anyone can attest how life can definitely be a handful at times. Regardless, it is still one beautiful journey of finding happiness, achieving contentment, and realizing growth. However, when challenges and trauma are taking the spotlight, it is easy to lose track of hope and to turn back on dreams. This is the heart of Nancy Manet’s mission; to help, listen, and encourage people to have faith, persevere, and push forward on the journey to becoming their best authentic selves.

Nancy is a woman who overcame huge obstacles, despite not being wanted or accepted as she was. She was a ward of the state at birth, placed in two foster homes, adopted, abused by a mentally ill mother, and lived in her car. Nancy has taken the difficult steps to break free from the stories and limiting beliefs she held about herself, to experience healing and growth, and discovered the true keys to success: spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

After retiring at age 49 as a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Nancy now inspires and trains her audience how to experience hope in the midst of pain and suffering, to find their own emotional freedom, and personal independence.

Nancy shares through speaking, storytelling, and powerful heart-centered music, about wanting what she was never able to attain, until later in life – true acceptance of self and others, regardless of our differences and beliefs. She shares how to let go of limiting thoughts and anger, through her straightforward and entertaining style.

One of Nancy’s stories, “My Expansion”, shares how Nancy went from rigid dogmatic views to a life of love and inclusion because of her LGBTQ+ child. She empowers other parents to accept their children exactly for who they are and how they show up in the world. She is known as “Mom” to many young people who have been abandoned and rejected by those around them.

Her children’s book, “You Are My Expansion”, will be released in January 2023. This beautifully illustrated book is based upon her song and is written from the perspective of how the child changed the parent. Her daughter spoke, Nancy listened, and Nancy changed.

Nancy cringes at anything that is NOT authentic, relational, or that rejects others. Because Nancy intimately knows what it’s like to not feel wanted or accepted, her life’s mission is to love others and show them how to live a truly wonderful, authentic life – spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

Tom Marino, Success Strategy Coach & PAC at Harlem United, recently shared: “Nancy Manet is an extraordinary story about a woman who turned disaster into one of the all-time greatest survival and success stories you will ever hear.” Without a doubt, Nancy’s story will live on to continue to bring out the best in others, help them fight for their freedom, and gain control of their lives.

Don’t just let life happen to you, or listen to people tell you who you are or what you should do. Break free. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be entertained. Learn more at https://nancymanet.com/.

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