Dr Jaymz – “On Fire” is ready to bulldoze its way through the EDM scene

There are the artists who weave messages of gratitude, love, peace and coexistence into the very fabric of their music. Then there are others, who take those life philosophies even deeper. Incredibly enlightened and intelligent, Dr Jaymz is not just a conscious individual, he is also the first known missionary to become an EDM artist. Originally from London but now based in Boston USA, he has been churning hit-sounding electronic dance songs with powerful messages of faith & redemption, especially aimed at the younger generation.

“On Fire” is one of Dr Jaymz’s latest singles, and it is the perfect encapsulation of something we could call conscious, praise and worship dance music that is intelligent, mind-altering, emotional, rhythmically driven, and makes you think just as much as it makes you dance. Dr Jaymz, is literally on fire throughout this entire track.  Grounding, intentional, and intensely spiritual, the lyrics hit hard. “I’m tired of the hours spent living for my own. Over in my head replaying everything I know. I’m chasing all the things that don’t mean anything at all. Until I get too tired to hold on,” cites the lyrics in the opening verse.

The narrative comes full circle in the second verse. “I don’t wanna waste another moment in the dark. Surrounded by shadows that chase me through the park. Right now is when I let go and now is when I start. To follow Jesus as my savior.” Dr Jaymz’s all-consuming passion for music and his will to communicate the way of the Lord bleeds through the song. The lush soaring melody glides effortlessly across the intricate rhythm, groove-heavy beat, and resonant bass lines.

Effortlessly taking listeners on incredible and profound sonic journeys across the dancefloor, Dr Jaymz intentionally falls into the list of spiritually attuned artists everyone should listen to because of his overarching artistic abilities that blend conscious, positive and faith-inspiring lyrics, with irresistible banging beats and soaring melodies. His every release is a seamless continuation of positive energy from track to track that gives listeners an opportunity to view life through a new ethical and spiritual lens.

Dr Jaymz is one of few electronic artists to blossom throughout the progression of different musical trends while still focusing on his artistic vision, authenticity and Christian calling. It is in these spaces where Dr Jaymz has learned to blend all his favorite elements of genre and form, crafting his own unique production aesthetic and lyrical emphasis. It’s not every day when an artist with his kind of ethos comes along, we can’t help but leap in support.

Song: https://lnk.to/drjaymz-onfire

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