Shiba is taking over the world on BSC Chain

The football fans are taking over the World Cup together with a strong project that many people will like and will see. Shiba World Cup is a whole new way to earn and Bet on the World Cup.

At SHIBA-WORLDCUP, we are giving everyone the chance to invest as little or as much as they want in a gambling fund run by the best handicappers. These handicappers are so good that many sportsbooks don’t take their bets! Join the action and enjoy these benefits as holders.

What is the best part of playing? Winning! In 2021, the US recorded over $53 Billion in playing revenue… This doesn’t even include all the action taken outside of casinos or sports betting apps, including all of the playing done in Crypto. The number of people worldwide purchasing sports picks from professionals, otherwise known as handicappers, is on a sharp incline… There are also elite playing funds, but they typically have extremely high minimum investments (often over $100k USD).

Well at Shiba-WorldCup, we are giving everyone the chance to invest as little or as much as they want in a playing fund run by the best handicappers out there! These pros are so good that many sportsbooks won’t even take their stakes! Join the action and watch how good these pros really are!

Shiba is one the most known crypto currency in the world at this moment and with that being said Shiba World Cup is a runner up! The combination of Shiba and the World Cup will bring the project to newer highs and is setting a new golden standard in implementing Shiba into relavent festives during the year. Shiba World Cup made a golden start and is starting to taking over the world. Everyone would love to pick a new project on the Binance Smart Chain and this is one of them.

Shiba World Cup is always on the run to score the first Goals and make a beautifull Hattrick, Next tot he earlier explained benefits they also added Staking to their program. Once you Stake your tokens you will get a massive return. For staking the current APY is a breathtaking 215%. That means once you invest in Shiba World Cup you could stake your tokens, Sit back, relax and enjoy the football games. What else do you need in life?

For all protection and for everyone’s trust, Shiba World Cup decided to go all-in on the security part of the Project. They did an succesfull Fair launch and raised over 790BNB in a Fair Launch. To guarantee people safety, the project is SAFU and Owner is doxxed on Pinksale. They passed the audit with glance and are fully KYC’ed with Pinksale. Once you join in the Football enthousiasts you are always able to have a talk with this highly experienced team and enjoy the games together. Also Shiba World Cup is partnered with,

Shiba World Cup build his own fully operational eco system to be profitable for all holders, They use tax funds only on selling to provide enough budget for marketing and they already executed a lot it. With Banners popping up everywhere, Billboards that pop up with Shiba World Cup and many more marketing on the way, it’s hard to not get to know Shiba World Cup.With Shiba World Cup it never ends, there are many more future plans coming along in a very short period of time. They hired an Nft artist to make them special and custom made NFTs, these nfts can be used in games where NFT holders will be rewarded once they pick the right team! Make sure you predict the best team and Striker and you will benefit the most of it.Even if all this news isn’t enough for you as an investor and Football Enthousiast, there will be more to come. Shiba World Cup is working on a system where you can Bet and Battle Player2Player to get the most fun out of the Football Season and World Cup.

Shiba World Cup is also planning to include more Fan tokens for all sports and competitions in the future. Keep an eye out and we updated on all their socials and Telegram community to don’t miss out on the next Festive!

Shiba World Cup is here to enjoy all the football Games together with you! Dont hesitate and enjoy the fun together.






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