Cosette DeMille Just Launched the First Ever Terpene Beauty Line

A Strain Beauty Line infused with Real Terpenes!

DeMille Beauty is the one and only Strain Beauty Line on the market.

We stand by our labels of Cruelty Free, Vegan and Organic. We are not just a vegan brand, we are a vegan community of healers, creatives, and artists.

Our Strain Beauty line is THE Strain Beauty Line. The one and only Strain Beauty Line. The only beauty line made with real canna terpenes. Patent pending.

Go grab a Bubba Kush Body Oil and Body Scrub on or you can check out our insta shop @demillebeauty.

We’re constantly updating both as we continue to launch!

DeMille Beauty will be a place for healers to share their voice and promote their healing services with the world and with the people who need them. I am an artist, herbalist, graphic designer, marketer, editor, videographer, crypto consultant and investor, web 3 developer, and a 3x published author.

I started by studying terp profiles on Leafly and actually looking at the physical cannabinoids and terpenes that are in each strain.

The terpenes are where the flavor is located. So each scrub, oil, mist, lotion, candle, or butter is designed with those specific flavor notes in mind. It took hours of patience to figure out each flavor profile for each strain but it was one of the most exciting processes I’ve ever done in my life. Studying the actual chemical composition of each strain and their attributes only added to the creative process. Think Blue Dream Body Mist and King Louis Cologne. Coming soon.

A portion of each and every sale from DeMille Beauty goes to Women’s and Animal Right’s charities. Not only are you buying quality products made with magic and intention but you’re also supporting a great cause as you do.

As we launch DeMille Beauty and take the steps to scale our business to where it needs to be I look forward to seeing how we can build the herbal community around us and teach those who need it about the powers of herbal medicine. DeMille Beauty will be the hub for healers to promote their businesses and services, further beyond my own readings, services, events, and mentorship.

At DeMille Beauty we work to heal and grow our community. We are proud to serve our people who need us and our offerings. DeMille Beauty will eventually be in stores and open multiple stores around the world. I plan for this to be a globally renowned brand. We will open apothecaries and healing spas for rehabilitation and meditation all around the world. Not as hippie dippie as it may seem but a more modernized and tranquille healing center everything from an optimal hospital to healing spas and yoga/meditation centers. Everything a person could need from homeostasis to relaxation. Soon we will be opening DeMille Beauty stores, apothecaries, beauty bars, and spas. That’s part of the long term vision!

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