Renowned Mobile Notary Service Paves the Way for More Convenient and Accessible Services in Florida

Renowned Mobile Notary Service Paves the Way for More Convenient and Accessible Services in Florida

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A mobile notary service is set to help people overcome estate document notarization delays and challenges in Florida by offering a number of local and more accessible packages for law firms and individuals.

Notary Public 2 You is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and offers home, office, hospital and nursing home notarization services throughout the area. The company particularly specializes in Florida Estate Documents, which are notoriously difficult to notarize, especially Wills.

Notary Public 2 You is hoping to make notary services far more accessible to all, including law firms and the public, and understands the pressure some people can be under when trying to get a document notarized.

“We’re proud to offer what we believe is the fastest and most accessible notary service in Fort Lauderdale,” says Susan Friedland, founder of Notary Public 2 You.

“When a law firm or individual hires us, we are able to travel to a client’s exact location, and we are even able to bring the first and second witnesses for the process. We are able to accept all documents via email, and print and bring them for the official signing. Once all documents have been signed, notarized and witnessed, we then scan them back to the lawyers, or the family members – whichever makes most sense in the current scenario.”

Notary Public 2 You is the one company that will always go the extra mile to ensure the notary process goes as smoothly as possible, including dropping off the hard copies of the signed documents at the shipper of their choice if needed.

“In Florida, Estate Documents are quite possibly the trickiest to notarize, and we’re determined to help solve and overcome this common problem. In our state, three people who are either not related or benefiting from the documents are required to sign – whether it’s a trust, a will, POA or health care. We’ll always go that extra mile, working alongside individuals, companies and law firms to ensure the process is as simple and smooth as possible.”

The many other benefits of Notary Public 2 You are what sets it apart completely from any other UPS Store or in-office notary. There are no waiting lines, opening times, and the company offers its mobile services 24/7, up to seven days a week – even during holidays.

“Doing this means we can meet the needs of every single client,” says Susan Friedland.

“All anyone has to do is make an appointment for a specific time and location, and then we’ll come straight to you. It really is that simple, and we’re proud to be doing our bit to ensure the process and time committed to this kind of venture is as effective and easy as possible for all involved. Connecting with a notary public that is willing to come out to you might be different elsewhere, but we are completely able to travel and meet your individual needs, whether you’re an individual or a law firm.”

Notes to editors

If anyone in Fort Lauderdale requires notary services, book an appointment or wants to learn more about notarizing estate documents, please visit the Notary Public 2 You Blog.

Notary Public 2 You can assist even when a document requires multiple witness signatures from different parties, providing the 1st and 2nd witnesses for notarizing documents.

Unlike other notaries, they also offer same day and emergency service.

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