Lucas Sterling’s Newest Release Contrarian is the Second Installment in His Thrilling Series Featuring “Lars the Hitman”

Lucas Sterling’s Newest Release Contrarian is the Second Installment in His Thrilling Series Featuring "Lars the Hitman"
Author Lucas Sterling is handing readers what they demand–more Lars Christopherson. In the second book in Sterling’s series, main character Lars the Hitman forms an unlikely alliance with Frederic Ulrich, an agent with Germany’s BND intelligence service. Putting all differences aside, the two join efforts to thwart a plan that could environmentally change the face of the United States forever.

“Fast-paced page-turner.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

Literary Titan says that Lucas Sterling’s new release, Contrarian, is “reminiscent of the action movies and spy thrillers of the 80s and 90s” and one with “that nostalgic feeling of undercover detectives.” Fans of Sterling’s first installment in the Lars the Hitman series will find this follow-up thriller no less filled with bravado and descriptions of characters who rival superheroes in their physical prowess and intellect. Both Lars and his unlikely partner have missions of their own, but it’s only when the United States is threatened that the two form an alliance and vow to put to rest a terror plot that could have long-lasting and devastating repercussions for millions.

“Lucas Sterling does an excellent job of weaving the story together…” Literary Titan Review

About the Book:

Secrets are not uncommon, but there are some secrets with deadly repercussions. Lars Christopherson, a former Homeland Security Agent and main character in Lucas Sterling’s Contrarian, possesses every necessary skill and a squeaky-clean record, but there is a side to him that very few know about and no one could understand. He possesses a secret so dark and so intense that few who learn about it live to share it.

Lars is not the only man out there harboring a dark side. Frederic Ulrich, an agent with Germany’s BND intelligence service, is determined to right a wrong from his past. In doing so, he plans to be nothing less than successful in bringing an end to a deadly Hungarian crime ring.

Circumstances force Lars and Frederic to work together and uncovering a sinister threat to the United States happens quickly. Stopping it, however, is another task altogether. Differences aside, the pair no one would have dreamed create, functions side-by-side in order to destroy the plans that will, indeed, destroy the country.

“Lucas Sterling has once again hit home with his newest offering: Contrarian.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Author:

Lucas Sterling’s writing is influenced by his love of international affairs, law, and finance. He is passionate about helping animals.

“Contrarian is a swift and enjoyable conspiracy thriller…” ~ Literary Titan Review

Contrarian is available in paperback and in Kindle.

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