Bamboo Tattoo Studio: A Luxury Tattoo Studio in Toronto Expressing Art through the Human Canvas.

Bamboo Tattoo Studio is a luxury tattoo studio in Toronto that hosts the world’s best artists.

Bamboo Tattoo Studio is regarded as the best and most luxurious tattoo studio in Toronto, Canada. They are North America’s 1st & only to offer bamboo tattooing, an ancient Thai technique that has been practiced for over 3000 years. A full custom experience starting with a hand-carved bamboo shoot and ending with gold leaf which has been prayed on for months by the monks of Thailand for good luck and fortune. They also offer the finest machine tattooists available, luxury tattoo aftercare kits, and set the benchmark in the tattoo industry since 2009.

Bamboo offers a second chance on old tattoos. Offering people second chances on bad or old tattoos, in and out in 15min. Bamboo Tattoo has been lightening tattoos for professional cover-ups using the latest Pico Sure Tattoo Removal Machine from Cynosure. Also offering laser for all skin types with the Medlite C6, truly changing people’s lives. 

“From the beginning to the end, the service was professional, friendly, and welcoming. The same can be said when I returned for a touch-up. Todd and his team are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their craft. Bamboo Tattoo Studio is luxury at its finest; the shop is spotless, light, and just plain cool! I highly recommend Bamboo Tattoo Studio; it is well worth the money,” said a delighted client in a recent review.

Todd Santos founded Bamboo Tattoo Studio in Toronto in 2009, bringing ancient Thai art to Canada’s largest city. not like any other typical tattoo parlour. This is a three-story luxury art space that goes above and beyond what anyone has come to expect from tattoo shops. Marble from floor to ceiling, leather furniture, and custom-made art adorn the entire space. Their basement has a relaxing lounge area. The bathrooms have been meticulously curated, each with a distinct theme: Comic Books, Playboy, and Gangster era. The style extends to the exterior, and the structure has a distinctive appearance.


The world’s first 40” Tattoo Tour Bus provides customers with a luxury at-home tattoo experience. Fully wrapped by @wraptos.toronto in satin black, marble countertops, starlight ceiling, premium tattoo beds and couches. Hosting tattoo parties and bringing tattoo culture to top festivals and events in North America. Stay tuned for tour dates in 2023.

“On our Instagram page,, we promote our upcoming artists. Anyone interested in our professional tattoo experience is encouraged to follow our Instagram stories and highlights to discover our upcoming next guests. We also have fantastic house artists who work here all year,” states Bamboo Tattoo Studio.

Artist Paul Glyn-Williams painted this mural of Drake wearing Dell Curry’s Raptors jersey in three nights. He started right after Game 5 of the NBA Finals. (CBC)

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