Cell Renew Medical Spa launches customizable HydraFacial service for patrons

HydraFacial is a customizable treatment that brings a new look to the skin.

Cell Renew Medical Spa focuses on creating a great experience that enables men and women to look good, enhance their comfort and confidence, generate happiness and become healthy inside and out.

Cell Renew Tampa introduced HydraFacial® to its already extensive array of health and beauty services. Similar to a medical procedure, this 30-minute facial treatment produces amazing effects. The skin is cleansed, extracted, and hydrated using a three-step process, giving it an instant shine that the customers can see and feel.

Using vortex technology, which exfoliates and fills the face with various serums, gives the skin a fresh appearance. The medical spa industry has undergone a complete paradigm shift with the introduction of this technique.

Its special delivery method extracts pollutants, moisturizes, and cleans the skin. It uses a unique patented technology that combines the power of water with microdermabrasion and super serums loaded with nourishing nutrients. The effects are apparent, and the radiance is visible almost immediately.

With a 23-year history, the HydraFacial Company is open in more than 87 nations. The technology provides a skin-treatment experience that is efficient, hands-on, non-invasive, and affordable.

“The HydraFacial procedure removes pollutants and dead skin cells by cleansing, extracting, and hydrating the skin while supplying it with essential nutrients, including peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. The incredible results appear right away and last for a very long time. We concluded that providing HydraFacial treatments in Tampa will be the ideal skin service for our company because we frequently travel the world to deliver the best facial treatments in Tampa and the most recent skin treatments and technology” said the owners of Cell Renew Tampa, Dr. Mario Hernandez, and Esthetician Wendy Aguilar.

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About Cell Renew Medical Spa:

Cell Renew Medical Spa aims to provide clients with a wonderful experience that helps them look beautiful, feel more at ease and confident, be happier, and improve their overall health.

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