Apple Machine Visual Supplier Ling Yunguang Successfully Landed On The Science And Technology Board

As of today’s close, Ling Yunguang rose 55.40%to 34.08 yuan/share, with a total market value of 15.34 billion yuan.

Data show that since the establishment of Ling Yunguang, it has been based on light technology innovation. It has been engaged in machine vision and optical communication business, and serving multiple industries. At present, strategic focus on machine vision business.The company is a professional supplier that configures visual systems, intelligent visual equipment and core visual devices. It is one of the companies in my country earlier in the field of machine vision.

On the one hand, Ling Yunguang adheres to independent research and development systems and equipment on the one hand, on the other hand, it adheres to independent research and development core software and devices, and establishes technology platforms to actively promote independent research and development of core technology.

In the field of machine vision, the company has deeply grasped the core needs of industrial customers for accuracy, efficiency, and quality improvement, and developed imaging solutions and application system solutions suitable for industry applications.

In the field of consumer electronics, the company has launched a series of products such as precision assembly/processing/intelligent identification/measurement/measurement of consumer electronics manufacturing; in the field of new display, the company has developed LCD/OLED/Mini LED/Micro LED display Cell segment/mold/moldThe semi -automatic/automatic lighting, appearance quality detection equipment and other series of products are set; in the field of printing and packaging, the company has developed domestic money printing/label/soft bag/color box and other previous seals, India -China high -speed online detectors, seals, seals, sealsLater offline quality testing equipment and other series of products; in addition, the company has launched products in the fields of smart transportation, new energy, life sciences and high -end scientific research instruments, cultural and entertainment, and other fields.The company continues to upgrade through innovative products and solutions to service industry.

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