Dental Practice Growth and Business Expansion Mindset Plus Technique Training via Free Seminar by Tanya Pentti

Tanya Pentti is a professional business coach who has helped dental practice owners scale their practices using the Strategic Practice Blueprint™. Dentists can expand their businesses efficiently using this method without overwhelming their teams.

According to announcements released by Tanya Pentti – Grow My Dental Clinic, dental practice growth is difficult in a competitive market and yet is much coveted by dentists who have spent years earning specialist and superspecialist qualifications. 

Dentists are constrained by a lack of time to market, budget, and kickstart the growth process. Many are often confused by complicated marketing of how to grow their dental practice. Staff training and turnover, too, is a time-consuming activity. Due to these reasons, many dentists need more opportunities to scale their practices. 

The Strategic Practices Blueprint™ is an exhaustive business framework that informs dentists on acquiring new patients, retaining them, and growing a practice sustainably. Sustainable growth is crucial because it occurs at a pace that does not compromise the quality of service that wins a patient’s goodwill and earns positive reviews online. 

Tanya Pentti offers all this information and more in her online masterclass explicitly created for dentists who want to grow their business without overexerting themselves with no certainty of success. 

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Tanya Pentti of Grow My Dental Clinic said, “I am a former professional athlete. I have played NCAA Division One basketball at the University of Hawaii. I use a high-performance mindset to maximize results without having to work crazy long hours by calming the mind and clarifying my clients’ vision. Dental Practice owners stand to benefit immensely from my masterclass because there is a high level of stress in this industry. 

Dentists are great clinically; however, they need support regarding business, information, and tangible steps for their systems and processes to maximize their profits. Many dentists work in their business, not on their business, and feel trapped by the day-to-day chaos of running a business and every department in the business. As a professional business coach, Tanya Pentti helps dental practice owner grow their practice without the stress of doing it alone or overwhelming their teams using the Strategic Practice Blueprint™. 

Tanya specializes in mindset and sales strategies to deliver results fast, making doing business easy, lucrative, and fun. Having achieved eight-figure plus sales in Medical Technology for Fortune 500 companies throughout Australia, Europe & the USA and countless hours with private practice owners, Tanya identified a common struggle; how to maximize profits to grow their practice while implementing systems that scale for growth and build teams of their dreams without the overwhelming stress of figuring it out alone.”

About the Clinic:

Tanya Pentti – Grow My Dental Clinic provides dental clinic owners with a blueprint to scale their practice systematically. Founder Tanya Pentti is on a mission to help private practice owners attract patients, earn money, and live a life of purpose and passion.

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