Safehouse Studio Inc. Paves the Way for Promising Artists with Its One-Stop-Shop Feature

Safehouse Studio Inc. Paves the Way for Promising Artists with Its One-Stop-Shop Feature

It is a known fact that a lot of gifted music artists struggle with launching their music careers due to a lack of resources. Most of them do not have the support of big record labels, prompting them to either launch as independent artists or totally back out from the plan. Chicago-based recording studio Safehouse Studio Inc. is opening doors of opportunity for aspiring young music artists by giving them a safe haven where they can practice and execute their artistry without being judged. 

Its 23-year-old CEO, Ricardo Ortiz, designed the recording studio to be a place of refuge and a one-stop-shop for all the potential needs that a rising artist will have, from producing videos to photography, mixing and mastering, and event coordinating. A lot of the studio’s clients are more than happy to learn that they can get everything they need by choosing to work with Ortiz and his team. 

“What separates us from the rest is the part where we aren’t just a music recording studio. We also do content creations for artists looking to take themselves to the next level, such as photo content, music videos, skits, directing, teaching students, and the list will only grow,” Ortiz revealed. 

Ortiz established the company as a result of his deep love for music. Combining his business acumen with one of his greatest passions has proven to be very lucrative. Interestingly, the company just signed a highly acclaimed artist to his independent label. He drew inspiration from his mentor Jason Valcarcel, CEO of Private Stock, who encouraged him to keep on doing what he does best after seeing significant growth in his business in just a short period of time. 

Safehouse Studio boasts of its comfortable, well-equipped, and regulated facility, enabling its clients to record, mix, and produce vocal and instrumental performances excellently. The studio has an efficient in-house team that assists clients with all of their recording and promotional needs. Its main objective is to provide its clients with the quality of sound they deserve. 

As can be expected, the recording studio houses state-of-the-art sound equipment to create remarkable results fitting a musical superstar. Clients are given access to high-end gears and modern recording software, allowing them to stretch their creativity further. Safehouse Studio believes that each artist comes with a unique story to tell the world. Its ultimate goal is to allow these artists to tell those stories so the world can see them for who they are and enjoy their music at the same time. As a result, several artists have found it very refreshing to work with Ortiz and his team of sound engineers. 

All of its sound engineers are committed to giving the company’s clients the best kind of recording services there is in the industry. The team also serves as a guide on every artist’s journey to stardom. This unique collaboration between artists and sound experts is revolutionizing how emerging artists are promoting their personal brands to music fans all over the world. 

Ricardo Ortiz has a long way to go in terms of establishing himself as the go-to recording studio in Chicago for the best sound quality, but he is still right on track by doing what he does best consistently. He hopes that Safehouse Studio will serve as an inspiration to anyone who is dreaming of becoming someone respectable in the music industry.

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