Meet Journey, The Antidote Within A New Platform Offering Holistic Wellness Advice On-Demand

A Marketplace to Book Holistic Health Coaches On-Demand. We help people make better decisions about their lifestyle and nutrition.

Laura Barrera founded Journey, a wellness platform everyone needs. Barrera is determined to prevent and improve the lifestyle and nutrition of everybody in the comfort of their homes. As more people are busier today than ever before, eating out has become the norm along with consuming processed food and the wrong nutrition; more people want more convenience but still want to be healthy. Why not make connecting with a skilled health coach convenient and easy to support optimal health?

To improve health, understanding lifestyle and nutrition is essential. We are what we eat, and we are what we think. Also, what we eat can affect the way we think. The mind-body connection is critical to living better and longer. The world needs wellness on demand more than ever. Journey has made it easier for you to connect with a health coach.

At Journey, The Antidote Within, clients can access health coaches and wellness experts that offer an integrative approach. Our health coaches are trained in Functional Nutrition. Insurances started reimbursing National Board Certified Coaching Sessions in 2021. At Journey, our professionals are trustworthy and vetted by doctors they work hand in hand with.

The average health coach will only put together a diet plan while we focus on healing- foods, and lifestyles. Our coaches also provide clients with the right mindset, motivation, and accountability to help them succeed by offering tips and support at home plus stress management. The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle inspired Novoa to launch this platform here in the USA.

Recently, was selected as part of the EndeavorLAB accelerator program. The other eight female founders along with Journey are ready to accelerate their growth powered by MasterCard.

In 2018, Barrera made a momentous change in her career when her father was diagnosed with cancer and COPD. That opened her eyes. She realized that many illnesses can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle and motivation and many conditions can be better managed. Now, it’s easier through Journey, The Antidote Within, to find the right professional to support you and encourage you.

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