Property Records of Florida Reveals How FL First-time Homebuyers Are Overlooking Serious Issues

Property Records of Florida Reveals How FL First-time Homebuyers Are Overlooking Serious Issues
Real estate professionals at “Property Records of Florida” are helping new homebuyers perform home inspections and property history to make sure homes are up-to-date

First-time Florida homebuyers are usually the ones that overlook surprising problems that might cause long-term problems. The FL company ‘Property Records of Florida’ realizes that new homebuyers are also the ones that ask, “What were they thinking?” about the home they just purchased. Or actually, “not thinking.” First-time homebuyers are notorious for overlooking major problems on a home before making the leap. And more often than most they are the ones that pay the steep price for it.

“The lack of not knowing what to look for when buying a home as a first-time homebuyer like foundation damage or aging problems will catch up in the long run,” says David Rogers, a real estate broker with Real Estate Group of East Tallahassee. “These problems will eventually come around sooner than later. Sellers will typically do a good job at hiding serious problems so they won’t have to pay to fix them. Some problems will be covered with something simple as paint and drywall, while others will get more creative.”

To help avoid situations like this one the Property Records of Florida asked the experts to point out what first-time homebuyers usually overlook and how to avoid these problems.

Plumbing and Electrical

Problems that concern plumbing and electricity are usually overlooked because pipes and wires are hidden under or behind the walls.

“First-time homebuyers usually come from renting an apartment and are used to calling the landlord when a sink or toilet is clogged. The landlord will call a plumber and will take care of the financial aspect as well. “Renters have it easy since the landlord will take care of everything all the renter has to do is pick up the phone and call the management office.” Says Rogers.

How to avoid disaster: A lot of the problems are not visual during a casual walk-through, so this is what Rogers suggests: “If there’s an electric panel open, take a look inside. Check if the current homeowner has been keeping up with the circuit breakers. Another good idea would be to check the wattage servicing the property.”

“Replacing an electric panel will usually cost around $2,000 to $2,500. If some of the wires are fired and need to be replaced it will usually cost around $10,000 to $18,000 to replace the wires in the entire home.

Structure Cracks and Foundation Problems

Foundation problems are usually overlooked when checking out a home for the first time. Small cracks in the basement might be easily missed but with the heat, earthquakes, and high winds those same cracks will become larger. “Cracks or damaged foundation walls can easily be overlooked but this will cost first-time homebuyers about $ 1,900 per repair.”

How to avoid disaster: The best thing to do when a first-time homebuyer is serious about a home is to hire a professional home inspector to check out the home. The inspector should be able to spot foundation problems, cracked walls, and other issues the untrained eye isn’t used to seeing.

Small things like avoiding looking inside the chimney can cost buyers big time later on. Hiring a professional chimney inspector should be on everyone’s list during the home-buying process. These professionals are trained to look for problems that can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Not Having the Necessary Closet Space

As homebuyers need their own space to put their belongings but not having enough closet space will cause issues from the beginning.

“Keep in mind that the inside of a home will look bigger when it’s empty and it goes for closet space too, many people will underestimate the storage space a hallway or bedroom closet can have or lack,” Rogers adds.

How to avoid disaster: See how many closets the apartment has or calculate the closet space in square feet. Buyers should always want more no less.

If the closet space is not as big as one would want it to be make sure the home comes with extra space like a garage or a backyard to be able to buy a small shed.

Who Are the Property Records of Florida?

The Property Records of Florida is a Tallahassee-based business that works with new homeowners and real estate brokers. The professionals will send out letters to new homeowners to offer their service that will include property details, sales, records, land information, and much more.

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