Tashiyanna Noel’s Book ‘You Have No Right To Stay Broken’ Becomes An International Bestseller

Tashiyanna Noel’s Book ‘You Have No Right To Stay Broken’ Becomes An International Bestseller
Tashiyanna Noel features on the international bestseller list with her book, ‘You Have No Right To Stay Broken.’

Tashiyanna Noel, the renowned holistic transformation strategist and founder of Mindwell Body + Soul, has become an international bestseller with her book ‘You Have No Right To Stay Broken.’ The book is a bestseller in the United States and France for a total of 22 Best Selling Categories, including a top ranking in two of them.

 “You Have No Right to Stay Broken: A Story-Guided Roadmap to Self-Actualization is a bestseller in the US and France in 22 categories including, Christian Self-Help and Popular Psychology Mental Illness,” says Tashiyanna Noel about her book, which is gaining popularity globally. “Readers will discover how to overcome past challenges and current limitations to feel their best, reach their full potential, and create a life of ease and comfort. The book encourages them to step forward in life powerfully and be compassionate while maintaining boundaries and a strong sense of self.”

Tashiyanna’s organization encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome everyday stress, anxiety, and depression created by past trauma and mental health conditions without using prescription drugs. With her book, Tashiyanna wants to raise awareness surrounding mental health and reduce the stigma associated with the condition.

The author urges readers to question why they do the things they’ve always done. If they don’t have a valid reason or are not aligned with their highest version, they must stop doing it. 

Tashiyanna has also revealed that her companion journal, 90 Days to My Best Self, is all set to release in the year 2023. It will have new prompts and new exercises.

She has also shared a review posted by a client about her book: 

“The book invoked lots of feelings and connections and food for thought and was very timely for me, having spent the last six years deliberately on my own to fix my soul!!! My journal and journey roadmap is so much easier with this book by my side as a guide. Having a brain disease, I find reading and staying focused hard. I really loved and enjoyed this book and kept wanting to read more. A very lovely page-turner that spoke to me!” 

Skye, Verified Good Reads Review.

About Tashiyanna Noel:

Tashiyanna Noel is a mother, author, business consultant, and student of life. She is the creator of the holistic wellness company Mindwell Body + Soul, where she shares a comprehensive approach to self-coaching and overcoming symptoms of anxiety, depression and mental distress without pharmaceutical drugs. Tashiyanna began her mental health journey at sixteen, when she entered treatment for sexual assault. After weening herself off antidepressants in 2019, she became an advocate for mental health and alternative treatment options. 

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