Triumph with Hypnotherapy: ITM Therapy highlights the benefits of online hypnotherapy for the whole family.

Renowned RTTĀ® Rapid Transformation TherapistsĀ® at ITM Therapy are helping people discover relief through simple, life-changing hypnotherapy techniques.

Once considered far-fetched and surrounded by myths, hypnotherapy has evolved into an effective treatment method for physical and mental health. Over the years, the myths have been debunked, and techniques refined to help people achieve physical and mental relief. Compared to other mental health treatment methods, hypnotherapy statistically has a 93% success rate after six sessions, whereas psychotherapy shows a 38% success rate after about 600 sessions.

The world has been through heightened anxiety from the pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. As many people seek therapeutic techniques to help manage their anxiety and other mental health issues, ITM Therapy steps forward with hypnotherapy to help induce positive thoughts. Hypnotherapy targets the subconscious mind, where 95% of human habits, doings, thinking, and speaking comes from, while the conscious mind is only responsible for the remaining 5%. Through this, hypnosis gets to the root cause of the issues and helps people lead healthier happier lives.

Since the world is increasingly embracing technology in every aspect of life, online hypnotherapy is quickly gaining recognition as a preferred modality to relieve mental health issues. According to ITM Therapy, online hypnotherapy allows people to change their lives for the better by healing various psychological conditions and is perfectly safe and effective for adults and kids. Hypnotherapy helps address issues ranging from addictions, compulsive behavior, phobias, eating disorders, relationship issues, money blocks, self-esteem issues, mobility problems, childhood traumas, sleep problems, and many others.

Harry and Monika, the founders of ITM Therapy and professional hypnotherapists, share that though it seems as if the world is just discovering the potential of hypnotherapy, this technique has been around for hundreds of years. Its evolution into the digital space has helped expand its reach, helping millions of people who need it the most.

Certified RTT® (Rapid Transformation Therapists), help people transform their lives fast. Monika has dedicated her life to helping people feel better through hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, and other therapeutic techniques.

Working with ITM Therapy guarantees a life-changing experience proven effective by thousands of people, including celebrities, athletes, and more. The online hypnotherapy sessions last between 60-180 mins and are administered by a professional Therapist who ensures comfort and safety even in the deepest state of hypnosis. With hypnotherapy, many people realize changes within days. ITM Therapy provides clients with personalized recordings to use for 21 days for the best outcome.

In addition to providing much-needed relief and triumph over physical and mental health issues through online hypnotherapy, ITM Therapy also provides global education. This helps people understand online hypnosis and how to address daily problems with hypnotherapy.

“Whatever you need help with, we can help you fast. Our Instant Transformation Hypnotherapy methods allow us to free you from any issue.”

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