Cellaxys Is Changing Lives With Their Regenerative Treatments To Improve Health Without Surgery

From orthopedics to spinal injuries and degenerative conditions, Cellaxys is working hard to improve the quality of life for their patients. Rather than going right to surgery, they’re focusing on a therapeutic solution.

Having an orthopedic or spinal injury can be debilitating. The pain, decreased range of motion, and complications are challenging. The same goes for arthritis and degenerative diseases. Sometimes it feels like the only option is to go through surgery with what could be an extensive recovery time. 

Cellaxys believes in returning quality of life and healing the body without the need for surgery. Their regenerative clinic in Las Vegas has been changing lives with revolutionary treatments. They’re ready to tackle any condition with a recovery plan designed by a team of expert physicians. There are multiple options for treating degenerative diseases and orthopedic injuries. 

Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine

Cellaxys is a regenerative medicine clinic. In fact, they’re one of the most advanced worldwide. Their team of board-certified physicians are there to help with regenerative treatments with more than 50 years of combined experience in their field. A team of experts is standing by to develop a recovery plan, and they’ve completed over 30,000 procedures. 

Regenerative medicine is a field dedicated to utilizing stem cells to grow new, healthy, and functional tissue to replace that which has been damaged or missing. Instead of invasive surgery that may or may not work, Cellaxys is helping the body generate new tissue to heal itself.

Cellaxys has treated a wide variety of injuries and degenerative conditions, from rotator cuff injuries to spinal stenosis. Once on their website, an easy online form can be filled out to detail what pain or injury a potential patient has. As soon as it’s submitted, the Cellaxys team can set up a complimentary consultation to review their history and determine eligibility. Their physicians have several decades of experience, giving patients peace of mind when putting their trust in the Cellaxys team. 

Cellaxys procedures consist of Autologous stem cells, which come from patient’s own body. They use an in-office fully certified procedure suite to extract patient’s bone marrow or adipose cells and concentrate them into potent stem cells. All procedures are done during the same session and without use of any external or frozen materials. The doctors implant stem cells into patients’ body under image guidance with the use of fluoroscopy and/or ultrasound.

Cosmetic applications using platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy

Cellaxys offers more than just stem cell therapy. When it comes to cosmetic needs, they offer PRP, or platelet-rich plasma injections, in addition to stem cell options. Anti-aging, hair restoration, face lifts, and more are possible with these treatment options. Even face lifts are non-surgical as they are done with injections to rejuvenate the deeper layers of the skin. 

Just like regenerative medicine treatments, these cosmetic therapies aren’t nearly as invasive as surgery as they guide the body to build new tissue. 


Surgery is an invasive treatment that usually results in a lengthy recovery time. With the pain and decreased mobility that comes with degenerative conditions and orthopedic injuries, sometimes it feels that there’s no other choice but to go through surgery. 

Cellaxys is changing that for thousands of patients. They’re revolutionizing medicine with regenerative and PRP therapy to treat a multitude of conditions and injuries instead of going right to invasive surgery. Their treatment plans rely on the body’s natural ability to heal itself as they give it the boost it needs to begin. 

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