Premier Beauty Equipment Supplier Introduces New Fat-Burning Machine

Rejuva Fresh has added the 30K Cavitation Skin & Body Care Machine to its collection of high quality beauty machines in its bid to assist its up-market clientele to burn fat effectively without dieting.

Preeminent beauty machines supplier, Rejuva Fresh, is debuting new equipment in its collection. Known as the 30k Cavitation Skin & Body Care Machine, it is specifically designed to effectively burn fat, reshape the body, and rejuvenate the skin. This machine is highly useful for those looking to reduce fat efficiently without additional exercise or dieting. What’s more, treatment is completely non-invasive, without any downtime.

This 30k Cavitation Skin & Body Care Machine is equipped with four functional beauty heads. Two handles are for treatment of all body parts (abdominals, arms, legs, buttocks, etc.), and the other two handles are for face and neck. The machine is very easy to use, with one-touch operation and real time instructions on the screen. Beginner/advanced mode options are also available.

Notably, this machine features a groundbreaking 30K cavitation head (“30K Pro”) with more power than those of all other 30K cavitation machines on the market. Also notable is the fact that 30K cavitation works deeper into thicker fat layers than 40K cavitation, because the wavelength is longer.

Ideal for use at home for toning & slimming the physique, this machine is also suitable for use in spas & beauty salons. Some of the benefits that one can enjoy from using the 30k Cavitation Skin & Body Care Machine include:

–  Destroys and removes fat cells, helping to achieve a slimmer figure
–  Reduces facial wrinkles, minimizes dark spots and discoloration, helping to reveal smoother skin
–  Tightens loose and sagging skin on face and neck, reducing double chin.
–  Boosts metabolism and circulation in the body while enhancing skin’s luminosity
–  Reduces cellulite on the body by breaking up fat cells quickly and powerfully
–  Firms the skin around the eye area while fading dark circles

Rejuva Fresh is well known for their highly effective, easy to use cavitation machines, that have received many positive reviews from customers. According to one, “…I used it several times before writing this review, and in fact it does work in making the body slimmer. I think it’s as good as a salon treatment, so of course it’s worth the price.” According to another, “…excellent product. last week I did the treatment on a friend. she went to her doctor said and apparently she lost 5 Kg and some inches too…very pleased”

About the company

Rejuva Fresh is a leading supplier of professional beauty machines, designed to help users achieve youth, beauty, and body contouring. Their state-of-the-art spa equipment includes facial machines, ultrasonic cavitation, cosmetic lasers and emslim body sculpting. Machines for professional medspas as well as for home use are available.Visit to learn more.

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