Hooked On Glam Is Taking Natural Lashes To The Next Level With Its Glam Lash Serum And Glam Perm Kit

Lovely lashes are a breeze to achieve at home with the revolutionary serum and perm kit from Hooked On Glam. These breakthrough formulas transform natural lashes with the ideal length and curl.

Beautiful lashes are something that everyone wants to have. The beauty industry has come up with several temporary solutions, such as mascara or false lashes, that provide results only so long as one wears them. Lash extensions are long-lasting but challenging to attempt at home and still require a great deal of upkeep and visits to a salon. 

Hooked On Glam has two amazing products that bring those salon results to the home without requiring extensions or other temporary solutions. They take natural lashes and transform them with advanced formulas and science-backed methods. 

The Glam Lash Serum and Glam Perm Kit

The transformation begins with the Glam Lash Serum. When applied every morning and evening as part of a regular routine, lashes will begin to grow longer, healthier, and stronger within just two or three weeks of use. The natural ingredients of this formula are perfect for lashes and brows as it encourages the hair follicles to grow faster. 

This cruelty-free serum works by utilizing 100% natural ingredients to gently nourish one’s natural lashes and brows, encouraging them to grow and strengthen for stunning and natural results. Grape seed extract, Vitamin E, ginseng root extract, ginger, and chamomile are just a few of the powerful ingredients that make these results possible. 

Once the serum has done its magic, it’s time to style that new growth with the Glam Perm Kit. Only needed once a month, this DIY kit provides instant results with the ideal lash curl. It even works for brow lamination to take those to the next level too. The kit is easy to use and provides incredible results for a completely natural look that doesn’t require extensive upkeep or frequent salon trips. 

The kit has everything that is needed, and an easy-to-follow tutorial is ready on the product page to teach new customers how to perfect the perming method for their lashes. 

At prices already far more affordable than salon treatments, Hooked On Glam has multiple bundle options to save on purchasing the Glam Lash Serum and the Glam Perm Kit together. Not only will this save money, but it also ensures one has everything they need to reach their lash and brow goals. 


Hooked On Glam is committed to eliminating lash problems with its powerhouse lash and brow duo. Both products are easy to use and affordable, giving everyone a chance to get their dream look. Hooked On Glam is a vegan and cruelty-free company that utilizes incredibly advanced beauty technology so that the results are real and lasting. Kept in stock at their warehouse, all orders ship either the same day or the next day to get to customers as fast as possible. With Hooked On Glam, achieving beauty goals can be just a few clicks away. 

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