iQibla Introduces the Zikr1-2022, which includes 5 Prayer Time Notifications and a Large Capacity Battery

iQibla Introduces the Zikr1-2022, which includes 5 Prayer Time Notifications and a Large Capacity Battery

“tasbeeh counter”

iQibla, a leading tech company and developer of the world’s first smart ring for Muslims, has announced its next product, the Zikr 1-2022. This new smart ring has many features that are helpful for Muslims. The company says that this smart ring is something that is needed in today’s world, as it will help Muslims stay up to date with their prayer times and notifications on their smartphones. The Zikr 1-2022 smart rings feature 5 prayer time notifications, an OLED display, a tasbeeh counter, a high capacity battery, and are made out of various sizes. The rings are also waterproof and can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.1.

The smart ring has been around for quite some time now, but it’s seen many iterations. One of the newest entries in the category is the Zikr 1-2022 from iQibla, which is marketed as a “symbol of faith” and a “permanent reminder of Allah.” It’s certainly bold, and it’s not exactly subtle—the Zikr 1-2022 gives you five prayer times per day right on your finger. The company refers to it as “an accessory that will help you in your journey towards Allah,” which is an indication that all of its features revolve around spirituality, specifically prayer.

“We are proud to bring the Zikr 1-2022 to market,” said a company representative. “Not only does it have all the features of our previous products, but it sets a new standard for smart rings with its quality, design, and functionality.”

Some people have noted that this is a great product because it will allow users to be more connected to Islam while they are on the go, but it also include a digital alarm clock  since they will be able to keep track of the prayer times and be notified when it is time for them to pray. It will also allow them to keep track of their tasbeeh count, which could be an added benefit for those who enjoy doing such things.

A customer said, “I’ve always been a fan of Muslim Innovations and its products, but I had never bought anything from iQibla before because there were always other things I felt were more important. I was browsing through the website recently and decided to see what they offered.  When I saw the Zikr1 smart ring and discovered how they worked, I knew I just had to buy them.”

The iQibla brand aims to meet the needs of those who want to elevate themselves by repeating the names of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad. The Arabic word ‘iQibla’ means ‘direction’, which is representative of its main purpose: to guide users toward their prayers. For more information, please visit

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