HGVC Offers Online CPC Course in the UK

HGVC is a leading provider of HGV, LGV training, and driver CPC courses in the UK for commercial and residential clients.

HGVC is the largest and most successful training provider specialising in heavy and light vehicles in the UK and across Europe. They offer industrial driving courses, commercial lorry driving, professional car driver training, and driver CPC training courses through dedicated training centres and mobile units across the UK and further afield.

An HGVC spokesperson stated in answer to a question. “HGVC has gathered a wealth of priceless knowledge regarding its network of HGV training facilities since its start. Due to the full integration of our training facilities with our CRM system, we have excellent insight over scheduling, pass rates, and instructors.”

Since being founded over a decade ago, HGVC has established itself as one of the UK’s largest providers of heavy vehicle training, licence acquisition, and driver CPC courses. The company has helped in excess of one million students to get their HGV licences and has trained over 150,000 drivers across the country. They are now offering a new range of Advanced Driver CPC modules and online CPC course in the UK, which will aid in reducing injuries and deaths caused by crashes involving HGVs.

The spokesperson went on to say, “Additionally, we receive information from DSA testing facilities to aid in improving the user experience for our clients. Using the information we gather, we can improve pass rates, decrease course completion and travel times, and guarantee that candidates are matched with instructors who are a suitable fit.”

The leading HGV driver training facility in the UK, HGVC, can provide clients with the personalised solutions they want. The services offered include supplier management, staff development, compliance and risk management, licence and driver training, fleet, and other business support programmes. Customers can concentrate on their main objectives and gain time as a result.

About HGVC

HGVC is the leading supplier of driver CPC courses, licence applications, and HGV training in the UK. Leading organisations have acknowledged HGVC’s Driver CPC solution as the best choice available for drivers, and they assert that more than 60% of drivers use their services to monitor their training and advancement toward licence renewal. Those who are looking for a company that can provide LGV driver training courses in the UK should consider HGVC as their top choice.

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