The Mentors Studio’s Team Featured in Best Holistic Life Magazine

Los Angeles, CA, USA – December 5, 2022 – The Mentors Studio team is being featured in the 3rd Anniversary December issue of Best Holistic Life Magazine. Photographed on the cover of the final issue of the year is The Mentors Studio Lead Trainer, Dawna Campbell, and inside, both Campbell and TMS founder, Michael Silvers, have contributing articles. “Mentor Your Way to Millions” The Mentor Studio Article that shares how mentoring is the new pathway to achieving your dreams, building connecting relationships to serve, and proven success strategies that will amplify your business.

To celebrate this month’s issue, a complimentary issue of Best Holistic Life Magazine is begging gifted to all the VIP registrants attending the Ultimate Wealth Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mentors Studio Team provides event support, including running the front-of-the-room stage as well as the backroom support at Ultimate Wealth Camp, supporting the speakers and Bill Walsh, the promoter. Speakers of The Mentors Studio will also be featured speakers and panelists. Visit

The Mentors Studio continually is growing and expanding their inner communities dedicated to serve. From business training, strategies, leadership to a health & wellness community, a podcasting division, an entertainment division, speaker development, a virtual coaching cafe, and business leadership and finance forum’s, there is something for everyone. To experience The Mentors Studio, the team hosts and co-sponsors a free weekly event for those who want to develop their skills as a public speaker, learn how to create their signature talks, create their virtual stages, and participate in live events. TMS Speakers Theater takes place virtually every Thursday from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (PST). The event is always free, and seats are still available but limited for upcoming weeks. Learn more about TMS Speakers Theater by visiting them online at

About The Mentors Studio

With a vision to educate, enlighten, enrich and massively enhance their members’ expertise and impact on the world, they mentor other people and help improve their lives. The Mentors Studio is formed by Michael Silvers and Mary Glorfield as a legacy and to be of service while teaching their expertise, growing, and expanding the mentors. Dawna Campbell, the lead trainer with The Mentors Studio, facilitates the training, the mentoring calls, and growing the community.

The mentors are a group of business professionals from all disciplines of business, including, but not limited to, coaching, professional speakers, financial services, health & wellness practitioners, engineers, and many, many more. The Mentors Studio is a worldwide organization with members in over 20 countries.

The Mentors Studio has over 300 events each year, both virtually and in-person. They are actively growing, and hope you will consider joining their community.

Learn more about The Mentors Studio by visiting them online at For more information about The Mentors Studio or Speakers Theater, contact Dawna Campbell at

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