An exclusive interview with the well-known TikToker Liliane Moukhallalati

An exclusive interview with the well-known TikToker Liliane Moukhallalati

“An exclusive interview with the well-known TikToker Liliane Moukhallalati”
Over the past year, apps like TikTok have revolutionized what it means to be an “influencer.” No longer confined to the type of stardom found in TV and movies, teens across the country instantly found themselves a new dream, to become TikTok famous. Lilliane Moukhalalti is becoming a success story to all aspiring creators in only 2 years from now. With a whopping 1.2 Million fans on his TikTok page, she’s risen to stardom over the past few years.

Recently, we got the chance to dive into the mind of Lilaine, and see what she thinks about her journey thus far. 

1- Would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Lilliane Moukhallalati. Actually, Lilliane is a teacher, kindergarten one, a nurse and now she’s continuing to finish up her last year as a French teacher. Besides, I am a renowned TikToker. I am known for my funny videos.

2- How did you start on TikTok?

I started just making videos as a joke back in 2019! Once povs started to become a bigger thing I started to create them & took TikTok more seriously.

3-How can we inspire teenagers to strive for their own success?

The biggest thing for other teens striving for success is to find things that they are passionate about! Once you find something that you have fun doing, take it to the next level on social media. The other big thing is to stay true to yourself!

4- Fundamentally what are the differences between successful and unsuccessful people on TikTok?

To be successful on tiktok it’s really about being unique & recognizable! Once you start creating your own content that follows the trends but has your own unique twist is when you will really start to be successful!

5- What makes you feel successful?

I personally always feel successful whenever I’m out in public & I meet someone who recognizes me! It’s such a surreal moment to have someone know your name when you haven’t even met them! This really makes me happy of what I’ve done so far.

6- What’re some of the coolest things that you’ve done with your online presence?

Honestly, I love to make people laugh and smile… The ability to put a smile on someone’s face means so much to me. You never know what that person may be struggling with.

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