Dustin Magaziner of PayBright is revolutionizing the merchant services industry with “Merchant Services Done Right”

Founded in 2012 by Dustin Magaziner, PayBright, has been revolutionizing the merchant services industry for the last decade. Nearly doubling their business year after year, PayBright has established themselves as one of the leading merchant service providers for both merchants and agents.  

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, Magaziner knew he had all the skills and knowledge to be a great entrepreneur. However, one area he saw his family struggle in was the merchant services industry. He knew if his family was struggling to find a reputable and honest company, so many more business owners were too. Constantly being taken advantage of by hidden fees and complicated merchant statements, Magaziner hoped to one day find the answer his family and so many other business owners were looking for. 

As time passed and Magaziner entered college, he forgot about the idea of merchant services and was just looking for a way to pay for food and hang out with friends. This dilemma would eventually lead to the finding of PayBright.

Upon founding PayBright, Magaziner made sure that all the company’s business dealings were done fairly and ethically. He created the concept of “Merchant Services Done Right”, which means no early termination fees, no rate increases, free equipment, top of the line support, and of course, the best rates in the business. He was told by industry veterans that his idea would fail and that he would be out of business within two years. Not only did this fuel his drive, but PayBright continued to grow at a rapid rate for years to come. Now PayBright has thousands of business owners, hundreds of sales agents, and is growing faster than ever across the US. 

“What started as a very basic opportunity turned into something much bigger than I imagined,” says Magaziner, “While in college, I would go out and cold call local businesses for hours. It turns out I was better at it than I thought! I was able to sign hundreds of merchants, train my first few sales agents and graduate from college with a thriving merchant base. It wasn’t the career path I expected for myself, but I couldn’t be luckier.”

Since its inception in 2012, Magaziner has led PayBright to incredible heights, not just financially or in growth, but in all aspects. For Magaziner, it is vital that PayBright’s employees not only be goal oriented and driven, but that they truly care about the company’s success and continuously provide a “wow!” experience to PayBright’s sales partners and merchants . 

“In my industry, a huge part of maintaining customer satisfaction and being a company they can trust is maintaining the status quo,” says Magaziner, “Customers within my industry ultimately want a reliable home that is going to deliver what they promise and aren’t constantly figuring out new ways to take advantage of their merchant base.”

As PayBright continues to revolutionize the merchant services industry and deliver on the concept of “Merchant Services Done Right”, Magaziner has no intentions of changing the way he handles business and aims to provide the status quo to all those who use PayBright.  

To learn more about PayBright and what they offer, contact Dustin at Dustin@gopaybright.com

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