From U.S. Marine To Juice Producing Entrepreneur, Ajay Sharma Has Come a Long Way

Ajay Sharma was in the U.S. Marines. Back in 2009, he returned from his 4th deployment overseas. Every deployment they would eat MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). These are foods with no expiration date. 

Ajay says they were also constantly inhaling jet smoke. Plus, at home, his diet was even worse than when he was deployed.

He realized he needed to see a doctor but was afraid of what they might find wrong with him. He also knew that if he had a serious health issue, then it could destroy his career. 

So, instead of going to see the doctor, Ajay started voraciously reading books on self-healing and getting coaching from industry experts.He then discovered that the body needed to be in an alkaline state for your body to function properly.

So, he decided to try green juices and smoothies for a full 30 days. 

Ajay says the juices tasted horrible, but he didn’t care! The taste was the last thing on his mind. After thirty days of drinking green juice, he noticed a dramatic change in how he felt. He had more energy and vigor than ever before! 

He helped his curious friends and family members as well. He worked really hard to improve  the taste of the juices without sacrificing quality. 

Once the juice cleanse he offers and the way it tasted was a hit among his clients, his juice bar in Lewisville, TX was born! Salubrious means “to promote health.”

To discover more about Ajay’s juice drink and juice bar, then make sure to visit his website:

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