DeCarli Law Facilitates Estate Planning Through Wills That Name Beneficiaries and Ensure Smooth Asset Distribution

DeCarli Law helps clients plan for their future through its estate planning services. Her services include probate, trusts, trust administration, and wills. She tailors her services to help clients fulfill their objectives and meet their obligations.

According to announcements released by DeCarli Law – Wills Lawyers, it prepares last will and testament documents for clients to provide detailed instructions on property and asset distribution at the right time. Wills are an important part of estate planning and, in conjunction with trusts, allow individuals to pass on their wealth and assets to heirs smoothly.

DeCarli Law explains the nuances of a properly structured will to a client and advises on the best possible will for a given situation so that the beneficiaries can receive their share hassle-free. Clients can choose to name residual beneficiaries who will receive what remains after specified beneficiaries have received their shares. Beneficiaries include spouses, partners, trusts, family members, and friends.

DeCarli Law also prepares a living will or an advance directive for clients who wish to issue clear instructions for end-of-life medical care to guide medical professionals and families on the best way to care for an individual. Living wills, too, serve a purpose in estate plans for California citizens.

California estate planning laws are complex; there are many scenarios to consider. For example, parents with minor children may want to ensure that a trustworthy person manages the property on their behalf should the parents die. A last will and testament is legally binding to lay down and clarify all relevant details.

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The law firm is available to alter and revoke wills. It works with the client to ensure that the will is current with the law and the changes in an individual’s life. Significant events that necessitate changes in a will include marriage, divorce, death, termination of a partnership, etc.

DeCarli Law said, “If you have any separate property when you die, a will ensures that those assets are distributed according to your wishes. Even if most of your property is held jointly with another person, there is always the chance that you will acquire separate property through an inheritance or otherwise. There is also the chance that your joint owner will predecease you, leaving you as the sole owner of the property.

With assets like retirement accounts and life insurance policies, if your named beneficiary dies before you do, those assets could end up in your estate. Making a will, usually along with a revocable living trust, ensures that your property is distributed precisely in the manner you prefer rather than being distributed by a court according to state law.

Having a will can save your family from dealing with California probate law and is an important part of estate planning. Probate matters can quickly become complicated and expensive. The law group under Attorney Debra DeCarli has the legal experience to protect our clients from estate litigation. 

If you are thinking about making a will—or if you have a will that needs to be updated—schedule a free initial consultation with our law firm today. Attorney DeCarli’s offices are in Mendocino and Pleasanton, and she assists clients throughout California. Use the DeCarli Law online contact form or call to set up a no-cost telephone, in-person, or virtual consultation.”

About the Firm:

DeCarli Law, founded by Debra DeCarli, is an estate planning law firm in California. Debra has been an estate planning lawyer for nearly three decades and has, over that period, helped clients plan estate distribution, manage trusts, and fulfill their legal and financial obligations.

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